30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Making Butter

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08Munashe is at the stage where he is just lapping up knowledge and can get excited about absolutely anything. He has a real love of life and a desire to get involved. Put any book in front of him and he will ask a hundred questions, see an activity of something to do in that book and he will definitely want to give it a go.

We have been looking at where our food comes from. From the WILD. We have this amazing book called My Big World by OKIDO (www.okido.co.uk) which has some beautiful illustrations and puts facts across in a really accessible way for little minds.


So ‘Where does Butter come from???’ So we decided to find out. We have another beautiful book (with gorgeous pictures) The Ella’s Kitchen Baking Book (www.ellaskitchen.com), which has an an activity in it. And Munashe being Munashe is always up for activities. And this was a butter making activity. Woo Hoo!


Basically we did some shaking of some double cream and we got butter. Ok, so it was a lot of shaking but also a lot of fun.


And here’s the butter…



Munashe and Zori enjoyed the eating part…

DSC01646 DSC01648

And the answer to the previous question…it’s from the COW.

Sarah x

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7 thoughts on “30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Making Butter

  1. Now this is the best way to learn, ask a question and find out by doing with a lot of fun along the way. the children will always know how butter is made now and where it comes from. A great experiment and lovely photos. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids


  2. I love this! Activities are the best way to find out the answers to questions! Love their happy little faces shaking the jar, how long did it take? I think we will definitely have to do this!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Howtosunday 🙂 x


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