30 Day Wild – Day 30 – That’s all folks…or is it?

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_30It’s very strange to be writing my last #30DaysWild blog post. We have had a marvelous month of June and a great catalogue of photos and videos to look back on and smile. Its been great to see Zori and Munashe really embrace nature and enjoy spending more time outdoors. Me and Leo have enjoyed exploring new places and doing somethings we wouldn’t usually do.

Back on Day 1 we had planned start #30DaysWild by getting on a boat and observing nature on the river. That plan failed as the beginning of June greeting us with wind and rain. Now at the end of June the glorious weather has really being treating us…time to get on that boat.

We popped on over to Arrow Vale Country Park and enjoyed their large lake whilst on a pedalo (good for those leg muscles)

We enjoyed the ducks, swans and geese on the lake, though I failed to capture any good pics. So off the peadlo…


and back onto dry land to capture those ducks and geese and…

…for some yummy ices next to a wooden owl!


I asked our little family for some of their thoughts about #30DaysWild Here’s what they came up with…


“It was fun, we got to spend more time together as a family than we usually do. I enjoyed visiting nature reserves for the first time. I also cut my teeth in Vlogging!”


“I liked 30 Days Wild, it’s very exciting. I liked dancing in the wild. Now there’s no more wild things. I’m sad about that…..BUT I will be happy if we make cake. Lets make one. BYE BYE 30 Days Wild.

I would like to keep doing wild things. I would like to do something wild about picking flowers. I even like WILD JULY.”


“Stay Wild”

So that’s all folks…although I have decided to continue my blogging journey (though not daily!). Some of which I’m sure will include some #StayWild time and ‘Wild July’ and other adventures too. Watch this Space and Stay Wild!

Sarah 🙂




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