Hiding a Geocache

imageThe best way I would describe geocaching is that it is hunting for treasure. It’s an official game that is run worldwide and anyone can take part. We find that it’s a fantastic way of exploring different areas and really exciting for the children. The easiest way to play is to download the Geocaching app on your phone and search for nearby caches. You will then see a map with Geocaches marked on and a blue dot to show you your location. Click on the cache you want to find, read the description and hint, follow your way to the green dot and start searching.

We like the traditional caches that are big enough to include swappables (treasure). Being fairly new to this we aren’t interested in puzzle caches, we just want to explore, see beautiful places and find treasure. Check out our first Geocaching adventure.


After some successful finds at various locations we thought it would be fun to share the love and create our own Geocache. Penguin had fun choosing some toys to put in the cache. We made a small log book which we are looking forward to see being filled up. We found a good hidey hole under a tree and used a few sticks to hide the cache.


Here’s how to hide a cache…

  1. Scout for a good location to hide a cache
  2. Get a suitable container
  3. Put small log book, pencil and treasure in container
  4. Hide your cache and save coordinates
  5. Submit cache information to geocaching.com
  6. Visit cache periodically to check it’s still there and stocked with treasure

For a more detailed instructions of how to hide a geocache you can go to the official Geocaching site, follow the link. We used geogz.com to print out a label for the container.

Have you ever been Geocaching? What was your experience like?

22 thoughts on “Hiding a Geocache

  1. I’ve done geocaching once or twice, and was always unsuccessful. They are so tough to find! It’s been quite awhile since I went though, and now that we enjoy hiking as much as we do, I’d love to get my family involved in it again. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤ #FabFridayPost

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    1. We had a few unsuccessful ones, especially at the beginning. I now know not to bother with puzzle caches and to check out when the last time someone found it was, or if they even found it. We made ours real easy as I was fed up of difficult ones, especially when with kids! Hope you have success next time!


  2. We had 1 abortive experience of geo-cacheing that ended with me very grumpily sitting in A & E for a tetanus shot!

    When the cubs are older we will go though. With sturdy boots!


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  3. I have never heard of this before and have absolutely no idea what it is. It does sound interesting though and something my kids would probably like. They love the outdoors. I’m going to Google this later and also look at that link to find out more.



  4. We know an entire posse of people who did this last summer, and we hope to partake. What a wonderful adventure, mixed with exercise, filled with adventure and learning and exploring for all. I love it and want our fam to partake. Thanks for this great post, and for being a great #FabFridayPost host!

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  5. This looks fab. I definitely want to do it when Piglet is older, so glad to read about your experience. I love things like this. #FabFridayPost

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