Perfect Teacher Gift and Giveaway

It’s nearly the summer holidays for many of you! Woo Hoo!
Lets just hope we actually get some sunshine, all this rain is driving me crazy.

I know it must be soooo tricky to buy your child’s teacher a fabulous gift that they will actually want. If I was a teacher I would be very happy with a shed load of chocolate!!

Leo has designed and illustrated this fabulous academic wall planner which can be for the classroom or home. I personally find wall planners really helpful in organising my life! I think any teacher would find this really useful and it looks good too!

Do you think it would make a good teacher gift?

Would you like one to help organise your own life? Well you can WIN one here. Just comment below and we will pick one person at random.

Closing Date – 30th July 2016

To find the Academic Wall Planner on Etsy please follow this link.

Have a great day

Sarah πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “Perfect Teacher Gift and Giveaway

  1. I absolutely love that calendar and I’m not even a teacher lol. My sons kindergarten teacher, who he and I absolutely loved, sadly won’t be teaching this fall. I was hoping to get my daughter in her class. Teachers really do deserve more credit…the good ones anyway. Thanks again for hostessing #FabFridayPost :))

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      1. We got the info on her teacher. My son, who was in kindergarten last year and knew most of the teachers says he doesn’t recognize her name. She’s quite possible new. I will be able to help volunteer more this year since I will only have my youngest who won’t be in school all day.

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  2. We are not at school age yet, but I love this idea. Must remember for when the time comes. I agree the rain is getting on my nerves too! xxx #FabFridayPost

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