DIY Peg Family


I work well to a deadline. I have so many artist/creative projects that are in my head, desperate to get out. I always feel that time is against me!

An upcoming birthday is the perfect motivator to get me to start and finish this project that I had began preparing for about a year ago!

My preparations began with sourcing these peg people, I think (though it was so long ago!) that I got them from eBay.


I knew I needed a plan before I just began to paint so I sketched out a peg family and decided on what they would wear, what colours or use and how to do their hair. For this project I created a generic family, it would be easy to personalise a peg family with hair colour and styles and clothing choices, similar to what I did when creating Our Pebble Family.

Using acrylic paint and my new favourite Posca Paint Pens, I got to work.


The process for, sketching to finishing the painting only took a couple of days.

As I have made them to be played with, rather than just looked at I finished them off with a couple of coats of acrylic varnish.


I was pleased with the end product, I hope the birthday girl will be πŸ˜€

24 thoughts on “DIY Peg Family

  1. These are GORGEOUS!! I keep seeing these on etsy and thinking I should order some of our family but maybe I should try and give them a go myself! I’m not sure mine would look quite as good as yours though! #fabfridaypost

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  2. This is such a cool idea! I am definitely going to be doing this on my christmas holidays πŸ™‚ Posca pens are so good, I have a small set of them and they are really great! I totally get what you mean by having lots of ideas in your head but not having the time to do them or start them and not finish #fabfridaypost

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