Artist Series: Claude Monet

We love to be creative and to be inspired. We thought we’d take some time out to be inspired by some of the greats.

First stop – Claude Monet

One of Monet’s waterlily paintings was at the Barber Institute. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing it first hand. To get the children inspired we read this book by James Mayhew. They absolutely loved the book and wanted to read the rest of the Katie series. In the book Katie jumps into 5 different Monet paintings and comes up with her own Monet inspired art.

As we were on the way to the art gallery Z talked about wanting to jump into the paintings (Which Katie does in the book). I explained a bit of art gallery etiquette to ensure she didn’t attempt this!

I’d talked with M about drawing Monet’s painting and we packed his art book and pencils. M does love to draw everyday so I thought he maybe keen.

M and his friend spent nearly an hour sketching and colouring their own versions of The Waterlily Pond. It was truly lovely to see the outcome of their efforts. M was very proud of his work.

Do you have a favourite artist? Have you any ideas for encouring children to be inspired by other artists?

Thanks for reading

Sarah 🙂

Stone Art and Rock Balancing

We live about the furthest you can from the sea in England 😦 Which is very sad as I do love the sea. So when I do get the opportunity to visit the beach it’s nice to take a little piece of it home! Last October, while in Brighton, I saw all those lovely pebbles on the beach and my collection was born.image

I’ve been toying with the idea of painting stones for a long while. So I needed more stones. My collection continued when we were holiday in May and visited a few more shingle beaches. Zori and Munashe spent hours throwing stones into the sea so I continued to collect. I was looking for those smooth flat pebbles, you know the ones that are great for skimming stones.


While I was busy choosing stones to make some pebble people, Munashe had his own idea. ‘Look Mummy’, he called after just a few minutes of playing with some stones.

I’ve seen alot of these amazing pictures of rocks of art. There’s a guy called Micheal Grab who creates loads of incredible rock art. Here’s a few of my favorite pics. His website Gravity Glue is full of them.

I had thought this would make a fun activity to do ‘one day’. Looks like Munashe beat me to it!


There’s even a book been written all about balancing rocks! I need to get a copy, those amazon reviews are looking good! The book is called Center of Gravity: A Guide to the Practice of Rock Balancing, it’s written by a guy called Peter Jhul. As well as explaining how to’s in simple terms it apparently it also includes physics and calculus. So Munashe if you are wanting to take it to that next level??!!


30 Days Wild – Day 13 – An Elephant in the Garden

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_13I was expecting heavy rain all day, so we planned accordingly. After a Rumble in the Jungle at the local library we headed home for an afternoon of fun in the rain. It stopped. And seemingly never to return! All those lovely rain activities will have to wait for another day. Thanks to all the lovely people on the 30DaysWild Facebook Group for the great ideas. They will not be wasted!

Thanks to National Bookstart Week we were given some goodies at our local library.DSC01946

We spent the afternoon with a couple of elephants in the garden.
DSC01950 DSC01955After all that activity, we now have to come up with a supa doopa plan. We need to involve a couple of visiting aunties in some random acts of wildness. Come back tomorrow (or check out Day 14) to see if we succeeded!

Sarah x