How to make a Toy Peg Chair

Check out this beautiful toy chair made of pegs. It was given to the children by their Granny who had had it for many years. How cute is it?!


M asked to make one so we set about dismantling a load of pegs (15 to be precise) and began the process of copying, gluing and sticking. We used PVA glue to stick the pegs together.

We looked at the front and back of the chair and re-created each section. We made the area to sit on and then attached each section together.  I’ve called this post a ‘How to’ but really I’m asking you to do what we did and copy what you see and attempt to put together a chair.



We made this chair over a couple of weeks. We had to let each small part dry before adding on to it or joining the parts together.

So if you’ve got patience and fancy giving this project a go take a good look at the photographs! I’d love to hear about it if you give this project a try 🙂

Maybe next time we will design a table!

23 thoughts on “How to make a Toy Peg Chair

  1. This is beautiful and I’m sure will be treasured forever 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us. We’re not crafty and I’d probably glue myself to it!


  2. Oh this is such a cute chair! Well done to you and your kids for having the patience to do it. It would look lovely in the garden. #FabFridayPost

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  3. Excellent wooden project without much of cutting, sanding involved!

    Kids must have enjoyed it, except the waiting part for drying the glued pegs. That too is a part of life lesson, I believe.


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