Wild Art

When I was at school studying art I became really interested in the land art by Andy Goldsworthy. He creates really fantastic artwork in nature with nature. Do check out the link. In June we were involved in the #30DaysWild challenge (doing something wild every day for 30 days) and decided to have our own go at some land art.

We love collecting bits and bobs from nature, pine cones, sticks, stones, shells, feathers, conkers etc… So from our box of many things I started to create this heart made. It wasn’t long before the little munchkins became interested and joined in.


Since the #30DaysWild challenge we have spent some time in the local river building a dam but also attempting some rock balancing (well…more like stone balancing!)


have you you created any art in nature? I’d love to see it 😀 Or would you love to give it a go?

Sail boat craft


We made these sail boats as part of the #30DaysWild challenge. They were fun to make and even more fun to watch them sail down the river!

I didn’t think that we would be able to retrieve our boats after we’d put them in the water so I thought it was important to make them out of natural materials. We used some sticks, a biodegradable twine and a leaf for the sail. To make the base of the boat we made an overlapping square with the sticks and tied them together with twine. We then tied on more sticks across the base and another stick pointing upwards for the sail. When we arrived at the river we found a large leaf and tied it to the stick.


Penguin had great fun watching the boats sail down the river and also enjoyed videoing the experience, I’m just glad his camera is waterproof!!


Have you had fun playing in the river? Any ideas for fun river play?

It’s time to be WILD

Want to be WILD this June? The The Wildlife Trusts are challenging is to do something WILD everyday for a whole month. Something wild is basically something that connects us with nature. Last year, as a family, we took part in 30 Days Wild and thoroughly enjoyed it.


If you’d like to take the challenge this year, you can get your activity pack from the Wildlife Trust here.

Here’s a list of all the wild activities and adventures we got up to last year.

Click the links for more details and lots of pics.


Are you planning on signing up?

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30 Day Wild – Day 30 – That’s all folks…or is it?

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_30It’s very strange to be writing my last #30DaysWild blog post. We have had a marvelous month of June and a great catalogue of photos and videos to look back on and smile. Its been great to see Zori and Munashe really embrace nature and enjoy spending more time outdoors. Me and Leo have enjoyed exploring new places and doing somethings we wouldn’t usually do.

Back on Day 1 we had planned start #30DaysWild by getting on a boat and observing nature on the river. That plan failed as the beginning of June greeting us with wind and rain. Now at the end of June the glorious weather has really being treating us…time to get on that boat.

We popped on over to Arrow Vale Country Park and enjoyed their large lake whilst on a pedalo (good for those leg muscles)

We enjoyed the ducks, swans and geese on the lake, though I failed to capture any good pics. So off the peadlo…


and back onto dry land to capture those ducks and geese and…

…for some yummy ices next to a wooden owl!


I asked our little family for some of their thoughts about #30DaysWild Here’s what they came up with…


“It was fun, we got to spend more time together as a family than we usually do. I enjoyed visiting nature reserves for the first time. I also cut my teeth in Vlogging!”


“I liked 30 Days Wild, it’s very exciting. I liked dancing in the wild. Now there’s no more wild things. I’m sad about that…..BUT I will be happy if we make cake. Lets make one. BYE BYE 30 Days Wild.

I would like to keep doing wild things. I would like to do something wild about picking flowers. I even like WILD JULY.”


“Stay Wild”

So that’s all folks…although I have decided to continue my blogging journey (though not daily!). Some of which I’m sure will include some #StayWild time and ‘Wild July’ and other adventures too. Watch this Space and Stay Wild!

Sarah 🙂




30 Days Wild – Day 29 – Priory Fields

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_29We have been so busy lately so we spent the day at home (and in the garden). I caught up on some much needed house work…Yawn!

Time for the evening 🙂

We left our little munchkins at home with Granny and Gramps and had some wild fun of our own.

I recently got a new camera and usually have to be super quick with taking photos (what with the little ones) so this evening would be different 🙂

I was well prepared banana, water and camera. Whenever I go out without my munchkins, I take my normal large bag, remove all the kiddy parafanalia and then wonder what I used to fill my rather large handbag with!

Anyways we settled down in the long wild grass of Priory Fields Nature Reserve  and I was ready to tuck into my fish n chips. A quick pic….agggghhhhh

no card in the camera, I was gutted. I was looking forward to having a little play with my camera, in the wild, without the interruptions of little people.

So so I resulted to my very old iPhone 3GS. Let’s see if it was any good…image

Well….not so great. You live and learn!!

We enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds and the general peacefulness of the evening 🙂 Check out Leo’s Blog to hear those delightful sounds 🙂

Tomorrow is the last day of #30DaysWild so I must have my camera on hand for that one. Lets hope not to go out on a flop!

Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 28 – Bands on the Beacon

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28

There’s not many wild days left #30DaysWild. Munashe has already asked if we can do 100 Days Wild! So I’m guessing that will mean we will #staywild.

Today we headed over to Walsall for Bands on the Beacon to listen to some live music and soak in the festival feeling atmosphere.

bands on the beacon

The BBC Wildlife Trust were out in force. They helped our little munchkins create these amazing bee’s. They are super simple to make but look so effective. Made from an kkle bitty pinecone, some yellow wool and a tiny piece of plastic bag. Zori and Munashe ran round with their bee’s making buzzing noises. WILD FUN!DSC02716

Zori and Munashe enjoyed dancing to the bands.dancing

Munashe was very pleased to be given some drumsticks from The Sherlocks and now wants to be in a band with his friends and to make a stage in the garden…watch this space!

30 Days Wild – Day 26 & 27 – Zzzzz in a tent with two small people

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_26

Today we decided to camp out in a tent with our little munchkins for the first time ever. With some help from Granny and Gramps we put up our ridiculously large tent on the site of an old railway track. We then embarked on an adventure which could either make or break potential future camping trips.


Munashe found the whole adventure very exciting. Playing with torches in the dark was a favourite.


Sleeping in the tent left Zori a little confused, instead of wanting to go in the tent, she was asking to go back in the car! Before settling down to sleep we told each other stories. Zori told us the one about the Fox going into the Tipi!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_27I’m happy to report that we all slept. Even though our tent is huge we were all snuggled up into one of the sleeping pods. The morning was glorious and the sun was hot. Bee’s buzzed around the wild flowers and the butterflies danced. The birds sang many different songs and we ate bananas for breakfast.


The little munchkins clearly didn’t get enough sleep as they were back in the land of nod by noon.

We then embarked on ‘tent down’ which was faster than tent up, although we did fail to squeeze everything back into the tent bag!


So time for the verdict….

Will we take our munchkins camping again?

Yes please, that is with a smaller tent and after taking a course in ‘How to Pack Super Light’ so we can squeeze everything into our car! Tips please:)

30 Days Wild – Day 24 – Campfire and Chocolate

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_25I love a good campfire. Our little Munchkins missed out on a campfire when we stayed in a Tree House for our anniversary weekend at the beginning of June. To introduce them to the whole campfire experience we set up a fire pit at the bottom of the garden. I love their enthusiasm! The whole of life being one exciting adventure.


After setting down some ground rules…

We lit the fire. Thankfully there are no causalities to report 🙂


I used to enjoy barbequed banana and chocolate as I was growing up. Our little munchkins enjoy both so we thought it would make a delightful treat. Zori has a very delightful smile if she sees yummy foods like chocolate, or biscuits or even spicy sausages. We call it her food smile. You can see it here as she puts chocolate in the banana (she did have a cheeky lick before putting in into the bananas!)


You should never leave a bag of marsh mallows with a four year old! We were so focused on other things and then I looked over at Munashe and his expression looked as if he’d had a bit too much of the sweet stuff. He claims he only ate three!

Back to the banana’s and chocolate. A whole lot of guess work was going on here. They tasted yummy but could have done with some dollops of cream! To be honest our little munchkins devoured the melted chocolate and didn’t touch the bananas!



Excitement was had but after all that naughty sugar will the munchkins sleep?

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30 Days Wild – Day 24 – Sunrise over Birmingham

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_23

One of the ideas on our #30DaysWild list was to watch the sunrise and listen to the Dawn Chorus. Our little Munchkins are both owls, not larks. They probably would have been more suited to watching the sunset rather than the sunrise. However there is something very special about that moment when the first bit of sunlight pops over the horizon.

I checked the weather forecast late last night and it looked like actually seeing the sunrise could be a possibility. I set the alarm for 3.30am, which is utterly ridiculous. So after about just 2 hours sleep we were up. We dragged Nash and Zori out of their beds just before 4am and with bananas in hand we set out for Beacon Hill to watch the sun rise over Birmingham.DSC02475

The sun popped over the horizon and it was pretty spectacular.  This was a real treat for Munashe, he has been fascinated with space for nearly a year. “Wow, it’s bigger, it will soon be ginormous”


It then became so bright we were worried about our little munchkins looking directly into the sunlight. imageWe headed back to the little castle for some tea and bananas. 

And finished off with a family selfy! Then we were back home before 6.30am!DSC02498