Beach Art – Painting Shells 🐚 

We recently spent a few days in North Wales where we stayed right next to the beach 🙂 which always puts a smile on my face.

We loved going to the beach and collecting a multitude of shells! Shells galore. This picture is just a small selection of our collection!

M and Z were thrilled when later that day I pulled out the Posca Paint Pens and actually let them use them! Posca Paint Pens are great as they keep mess to a minimum which still being able to create, they work especially well when travelling.

We had fun creating different creatures.


and M made this cute little fruit bowl!

The next day M bought back a huge white rock from the beach which he plans to make into a monster! Watch this space!

What are your favourite beach craft activities? We may try them next time 🙂 Please comment below.

Sarah 🙂



DIY Fairy Wands

My daughter loves fairy things so when she found this book at our local library she was delighted. We had a lovely mummy daughter day last month and she choose to make fairy things.

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First on her list was a fairy wand.

We got an old cereal packet and drew round a star shaped biscuit cutter. Little Missy wanted to make a wand for her brother too so we needed four stars.

She then painted the stars. We glued (using PVA glue) two stars together with a wooden kebab stick and about six ribbons in the middle. We left them to dry for about an hour using pegs to secure them in place.

Little Missy then had fun with the glitter and other sparkly bits and more PVA glue.

Once they were dry they were actually really strong and lots of fun.

Next on this list were fairy wings…these took a bit longer to make and are in need of reinforcements!!!

Thanks for reading

Sarah 😀

It’s Giveaway Time

Every year the lovely Leo (aka LeoTheXplorer) illustrates and designs an academic wall planner. This years one is now out. We hope you like it…


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Have a fabulous day. 🙂


Estuary Fun!

We recently visited the beautiful country of Wales. We stayed in Pembrokeshire, close to Poppit Sands where the Teifi River becomes a river estuary and meets the sea. Our son loves geography so this was fab.

Our little munchkins were both interested to see the boats floating in the estuary at one time of the day and then stuck in the sand at another time of the day. We got to see the estuary from many different angles and at different times of day.


Our little ones are definitely explorers, loving to visit different places every day.

We found some fantastic flat stones that will be great to paint on! Have you checked out Our Pebble Family? We also found this incredibly large anchor, not sure it will fit in the boot! We will leave it for you to sit on.

We haven’t yet understood why seaweed likes to stick to stones, or exactly how the moon creates the tides, or why we found some zebra rocks, but we are having fun with it!

It’s so inspiring to be in beautiful places, couldn’t we just stay on holiday!!?

Possibly the best beach in Wales!

Don’t you just love a good beach? I just love the sea but living so far from it means I don’t see it very often. This probably means I think all beaches are awesomely amazing. To me this one was, take a peek and see what you think.

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Mwnt is on the west coast of Wales, on the Ceredigion coast. As far as I can tell it consists of the beach, shop, church, sheep and carpark. What a delightful little place.

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I loved that it felt so isolated, having the whole beach pretty much to ourselves 😀 We did meet a very confident little boy who quickly joined in playing with our son. Please bear in mind that we did visit mid week during late September. I imagine in the summer months this beach is very popular.

There’s a very cute little shop at the top of the steps leading from the beach, very handy for buckets and spades, snacks, postcards and ice creams. There are some toilets attached to the shop, all maintained by the national trust, that and the £3 a day carpark.

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Bottle nosed dolphins can also be spotted from Mwnt, either from the beach or from the costal path. We sadly didn’t catch a glimpse but it can be done!

Little Missy flew her first kite here, this made me rather jealous. I am extremely bad at flying kites however would really love to be great. One day!

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Do you have a favourite beach in Wales? I’d love to include it in our itinerary for our next Wales trip.


It’s time to be WILD

Want to be WILD this June? The The Wildlife Trusts are challenging is to do something WILD everyday for a whole month. Something wild is basically something that connects us with nature. Last year, as a family, we took part in 30 Days Wild and thoroughly enjoyed it.


If you’d like to take the challenge this year, you can get your activity pack from the Wildlife Trust here.

Here’s a list of all the wild activities and adventures we got up to last year.

Click the links for more details and lots of pics.


Are you planning on signing up?

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My Petit Canard

Coventry Transport Museum

This year Coventry Transport Museum had a 9.5 million pound face lift! So we thought we’d make a day of it. It was a real treat to go on a day when enthusiasts had all brought their dinky cars (not sure of their official name) for a bit of a show and tell.

Coventry Transport Museum has this fantastic massive space out front, great for a parade of beautiful cars.

Munashe and Zori chose their favourites 🙂

Before you go to the museum do be aware, it’s rather big! Being home to a vast quantity of vehicles it’s kind of got to be. It’s probably best to allow at least 2-3 hours to go around. This museum is a perfect day out for a vehicle enthusiast. And it’s free, which is awesome! One of Munashe’s first words was car (pronounced ‘dar’). Instead of going to sleep cuddling a teddy bear he would be clutching two wooden cars. So this day out was a hit with our little munchkins. Having an older car loving brother means Zori enjoys brumming a car around the living room just as much as Munashe.


The museum goes through the history of transportation, along with bikes, cars and other vehicles from back in the day, they are displayed alongside videos and activities to engage young and old.


There are a whole array of cars to be seen, en-route thought the museum Munashe practiced his motor racing moves and decided he’d quite like to own this Jaguar when he’s able to drive!

Coventry transport museum is home to the worlds fastest car (at the time of writing), the Thrust SSC set the world land speed record, at a massive 763mph back in 1997. This record may be broken at the end of the year by the Bloodhound. The Thurst SSC is a definite must see. The car (if you can call it that) is massive and resembles more of a rocket than a car. They even have a 4D simulator (for a fee). Sounds a little scary but fun. Simulating going at 763mph, not your average roller coaster sim!


The little Munchkins enjoyed designing a fast car and putting it to the test 🙂 They managed 762mph. Not Bad!image

To finish off, here was one of my favorite dinky cars. Very cute with the only door right at the front!image

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Woburn Safari Park

imageThe other week we had a fantastic time meeting up with some lovely friends at Woburn Safari Park. I was very impressed with the park. We got to see so many animals, with some fantastic viewing. We went during the summer holidays and I did fear that it would be super busy and I really don’t like super busy. There were quite a few cars on the road safari, but not enough to slow us down. On the foot safari there weren’t too many people so I was happy. The atmosphere was very relaxed with enough to do for a whole day out with out feeling like we were missing out on something. We loved the road safari so much we even went back for round two!!

The most exciting bit for me was seeing a black bear. Probably because I’ve never seen a bear before and the fact we were so close. I sneakily popped down the window for a quick pic!


They have an enclosure on the road safari with loads of monkeys in. Now these monkeys are extremely cheeky and very playful. They are really good fun to watch, they jump on cars, roll around on the floor, jump in the trees and chase each other. If you are planning to go maybe don’t take your brand new car! We watched this monkey snap the ariel off the car in front of us, very cheeky!


On the foot safari we saw lemurs, seals, birds of paradise and giant tortoises, to name a few. Munashe had been excited about seeing the penguins. His favourite bit was watching them swim (fly) underwater. Hours of entertainment!image

Zori got very upset about not being allowed on the pedalo swans. They are strict when it comes to there 1 meter rule! A tub of chocolate ice cream soon put her right!


When the rains came the children had a bounce and a slide. There’s a great area, all undercover, with 3 different bouncy castles. It’s restricted to under 5’s so our little munchkins had a whale of a time and expended some of that energy after being sat in the car for so long.


So all in all a great day out! I would love to hear your UK recommendations of great days out with little ones…please comment below.

Sarah 🙂

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The Art of Painting

We recently got a book out of the library entitled ‘I am an Artist’ by Marta Altes basically is about a boy who sees himself as an artist, he spends his days creating crazy art at home much to his mothers disgruntlement. He paints on the walls, on his face he re-purposes the kitchen fridge and makes a hole in the wall. All things of a parents nightmare!marta-altes-untitled-0311-978144720260801

Recently I came downstairs to Munashe saying “Look I am an artist”. Munashe had drawn mustache on his face with black pen!

Munashe loves to paint. I remember coming downstairs one morning to these words “Look Mummy we’re painting”. Munashe had reached to the top shelf for some paints. Zori, my daughter was only one at the time. Amazingly they had neatly covered a piece on A4 paper in red paint. Thank goodness I came downstairs when I did!

Another time Munashe hid his face in the cupboard. He popped out, “I’m Spiderman”. He had red crayon all over his face! I think you get the idea. I love the creativity, and despite the mess i wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have a look at this rather cute video of my son at work…

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