Tea Light Aquarium Craft

Penguin recently picked up this fantastic book from our local library. Paper Craft by Michelle Powell, part of her Craft Smart series. It’s full of lovely paper craft ideas. I love having books to draw inspiration from…a different experience to spending time trawling through Pinterest.


I got together all the different bits we needed and cut the fish and plants out of tissue paper. I had some lovely large jars which I though would work really well. We also needed ripped up strips of bluey green tissue paper, watered down PVA glue, large brushes and glitter.

Penguin painted glue onto the jar and stuck the bluey green tissue paper onto the jar. He then glued on the fish and the plants. Next was the glitter. Its best to wait for the glue to dry and then use a thinner paint brush to paint glue on where you would like the glitter to go, then go crazy with the glitter. Or Not!

Penguin was very pleased with the result and they look really pretty with the tea lights in. Good job!


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