DIY Fairy Wands

My daughter loves fairy things so when she found this book at our local library she was delighted. We had a lovely mummy daughter day last month and she choose to make fairy things.

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First on her list was a fairy wand.

We got an old cereal packet and drew round a star shaped biscuit cutter. Little Missy wanted to make a wand for her brother too so we needed four stars.

She then painted the stars. We glued (using PVA glue) two stars together with a wooden kebab stick and about six ribbons in the middle. We left them to dry for about an hour using pegs to secure them in place.

Little Missy then had fun with the glitter and other sparkly bits and more PVA glue.

Once they were dry they were actually really strong and lots of fun.

Next on this list were fairy wings…these took a bit longer to make and are in need of reinforcements!!!

Thanks for reading

Sarah 😀

Buttons and Glitter


After creating some fun buttony glittery birthday cards (click link). Little Missy decided she hadn’t had her fill of glittery fun for the day.

I found an old canvas and pasted some PVA glue on it and let Little Missy sprinkle lots and lots of glitter over it.


With some help from Granny she continued her masterpiece with buttons, buttons and more glitter. All stuck on with PVA glue. It was lovely to see Little Missy exercising her freedom and creativity, knowing exactly which button she wanted next and exactly how much glitter she wanted.

I love giving my little munchkins a canvas to work on, it feels much more permanent than a flimsy bit of paper and often the end result is a lot more pleasing too.

Little Missy’s art work is now up on the wall in our living room, she is very proud!

Here are a couple more examples of Little Missy’s glittery art work.



What art materials do you/your children love working with?

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