30 Days Wild – Day 20 – Searching for Treasure in a Downpour

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_20I love the idea of Geocaching. Searching for treasure, can it get anymore fun? Well the idea of Geocaching and the reality are two totally different things. We searched through the thicket. Got scratched by brambles and searched, searched, searched…


And searched some more…


and found NOTHING! We even attempted to find a different cache..NOTHING…We had told Munashe that we were going to search for treasure, he was extremely excited. What 4 year old boy wouldn’t be? So you can imagine the¬†disappointment when we found NOTHING ūüė¶

And then it started to POUR… so in true #30DaysWild style we DANCED IN A DOWNPOUR! Credit to Munashe for joining in.


Then we found puddles. Puddles will always guarantee to cheer up a grumpy munchkin.


We then started to head for home.


However, Leo would not be defeated. After some research, and some encouragement we went back in search of cache number one. Geocaching Top Tip…always look at the ‘Hint’ on the app. And make sure your looking at the right hint for the right cache. This was our downfall.

So back in we went. And HOORAY…We found the treasure. Just look at the joy on Munashe’s face. Definitely worth all those prickles.

DSC02275Zori went straight for the good stuff and helped herself to some real treasure. A tricky day that ended well. I still love the idea of Geocaching…I’d love to hear other peoples successes and any Top Tips…Please comment ūüôā


30 Days Wild – Day 9 – Who’s the King of the Bog?

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09

I love the summer. The long evenings that we are getting almost seem to be giving us more time. We have been off exploring quite a few different spots this month with #30DaysWild. It seems to take about three hours per explore. Ok, so there are other things that aren’t getting done, mainly housework and spending hours in the kitchen! But being outdoors as a family is certainly enriching our lives in some very important ways.

So today we explored MOSELEY BOG


We arrived just as a bunch of Wildlife Trust volunteers were leaving. Those amazing guys who upkeep Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood¬†are doing some valuable work. Here’s the link if there’s any of you out there interested in volunteering¬†with The Wildlife Trust.

One of the first comments from Munashe on arrival was “Look at that stick!” Check this picture out and see what you make to that stick…


The little Munchkins enjoyed the boggy waters. Zori walked around saying “Bog, Bog, Bog, Bog” which I found rather amusing. I love watching them experience things for the first time. It gives me a new appreciation for being outdoors.


This is the place JRR Tolkien and his brother played as children. Moseley Bog is said to have been some of the inspiration for where the hobbits lived. Watching my little munchkins explore I could see why.

After a whole load of exploring we set out collecting leaves to make some awesome LEAF CROWNS. These are really simple to make and bring a lot of joy.

– Get a strip of card, long enough to go around child’s head

– Collect a bunch of leaves

– Staple leaves onto card

– Put around child’s head and staple card together. Simple!



Munashe and Zori really enjoyed wearing their crowns, singing ‘I am a Prince, I am a Princess’


So back to the original question…Who’s King of the Bog? If Munashe and Zori are Prince and Princess. Logically that would make Leo King of the Bog! Ha Ha! To get a better view of Moseley Bog have a look at leothexplorer‘s vlog.


30 Days Wild – Just Around the Corner

the pswarayi's

As a family we are going wild for 30 days. We are joining with The Wildlife Trust and the hundreds of others who have signed up to the 30DAYSWILD challenge. There’s still time to join in¬† http://wtru.st/30DaysWild

Everyday in June we will be connecting with nature in different ways. We plan to laugh, learn, create, play and make memories. I plan to blog about our journey everyday and share a few pictures of what we have gotten up to. My husband, Leo will be vlogging and documenting our experiences through film. http://www.leothexplorer.com/blog/ and Munashe and Zori will be joining in the fun.

Most of my memories from my childhood are from being outdoors. In the garden, down the old railway track, off on bike rides, up and down neighbours gardens, camping in the rain in Wales.30DAYSWILD_ID3 black

I was standing in a stream and my mum was taking a photo. I was smiling and I slipped and fell. I got up again and my mum took the photo. I was four. We still have that photo, which makes me question whether I remembered it at all, or is it just a memory of the photo??

My Son is four, I wonder what he will remember of this time of his life. I really hope 30 Days Wild will be some of those memories he remembers when he’s my age.

Let the journey begin…


Sarah x