Space Playdough

Munashe has had a fascination with space for nearly a year now. So playing with this fabulous Space Playdough was a real treat. Making black holes for the glitter to get sucked into was a favourite!


When we saw black glittery galaxy dough on Growing a Jeweled Rose he made it well known that was what he would like to do.

Cream of Tartar seems to be the secret ingredient for playdough… Not really sure it’s a secret and I’m not sure what it does . But it makes playdough good! It warranted a trip across town to Waitrose to buy copious amounts of the stuff. I’m not really sure why every other grocery store only sells measly 5g packets!

imageSo here’s all the items that you need to make some lovely super black glittery space playdough

* 2 Cups of Flour

*2 tbs cream of tartar

* Half a cup of Salt

* 1 and a half cups of boiling water

* A lot of Black Food Colouring

* 2tbs Baby Oil

* 1tsp Glycerin

* As much glitter as you like!


We put the flour, salt and cream of tartar into a bowl and had a good mix.

Here’s the bit I couldn’t let the little munchkins join in with. I mixed the boiling water with the food colouring. I went a bit crazy and added nearly the whole bottle! I really didn’t want to have a yukky grey colour. Then I added the baby oil (I’m sure other vegetable oil or olive oil would work) and mixed it all together. It’s was very hot to begin with so I waited a while before handing the warm dough over to some keen munchkins. image

Zori and Nash then kneeded in some blue and silver glitter. I’m sure any colours would look fantastic. It was great to involve the munchkins in the making process. Prolongs the fun!


We got out the planets and some pretty gems and had some more fun.

Do your kids have a favourite playdough recipe? I’d love to here your comments and thoughts on best playdough ideas 🙂

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