Wild Art

When I was at school studying art I became really interested in the land art by Andy Goldsworthy. He creates really fantastic artwork in nature with nature. Do check out the link. In June we were involved in the #30DaysWild challenge (doing something wild every day for 30 days) and decided to have our own go at some land art.

We love collecting bits and bobs from nature, pine cones, sticks, stones, shells, feathers, conkers etc… So from our box of many things I started to create this heart made. It wasn’t long before the little munchkins became interested and joined in.


Since the #30DaysWild challenge we have spent some time in the local river building a dam but also attempting some rock balancing (well…more like stone balancing!)


have you you created any art in nature? I’d love to see it ūüėÄ Or would you love to give it a go?

Sail boat craft


We made these sail boats as part of the #30DaysWild challenge. They were fun to make and even more fun to watch them sail down the river!

I didn’t think that we would be able to retrieve our boats after we’d put them in the water so I thought it was important to make them out of natural materials. We used some sticks, a biodegradable twine and a leaf for the sail. To make the base of the boat we made an overlapping square with the sticks and tied them together with twine. We then tied on more sticks across the base and another stick pointing upwards for the sail. When we arrived at the river we found a large leaf and tied it to the stick.


Penguin had great fun watching the boats sail down the river and also enjoyed videoing the experience, I’m just glad his camera is waterproof!!


Have you had fun playing in the river? Any ideas for fun river play?

Making a Rainbow Tree

image I love sticks and wool and crafty things. So, just for fun, we decided to make a rainbow tree. The little munchkins went off to collect the sticks. When they were happy with their selection we were ready to begin.


The little munchkins had a go at wrapping the wool around the sticks, with varying results and a few frustrations.

I found wrapping the sticks with wool very satisfying and even slightly therapeutic.

This really was ‘make it up as you go along’. I ended up wrapping all the sticks together with wool. When it still wouldn’t stand up I stuck some smaller branches into the base (which acted as a stand) and attached it all with wool.


I love the idea of decorating stick.  Painted sticks. Sticks wrapped with ribbon. sparkley sticks. Gem sticks. Making decorated sticks into a mobile or a stick man. Create a piece of wall art with a bunch of sticks. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a few other creations I’ve seen which mooching on the internet. I think they are really cool.

Painted Stick Instrument by TwoDaLoo. Rainbow Stick Mobile by Daily Heart

Stick Stars that I found on The Berry and Blue and Green Mobile by SoYou

Have you made any stick creations? I’d love to see them ūüôā