30 Days Wild – Day 29 – Priory Fields

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_29We have been so busy lately so we spent the day at home (and in the garden). I caught up on some much needed house work…Yawn!

Time for the evening 🙂

We left our little munchkins at home with Granny and Gramps and had some wild fun of our own.

I recently got a new camera and usually have to be super quick with taking photos (what with the little ones) so this evening would be different 🙂

I was well prepared banana, water and camera. Whenever I go out without my munchkins, I take my normal large bag, remove all the kiddy parafanalia and then wonder what I used to fill my rather large handbag with!

Anyways we settled down in the long wild grass of Priory Fields Nature Reserve  and I was ready to tuck into my fish n chips. A quick pic….agggghhhhh

no card in the camera, I was gutted. I was looking forward to having a little play with my camera, in the wild, without the interruptions of little people.

So so I resulted to my very old iPhone 3GS. Let’s see if it was any good…image

Well….not so great. You live and learn!!

We enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds and the general peacefulness of the evening 🙂 Check out Leo’s Blog to hear those delightful sounds 🙂

Tomorrow is the last day of #30DaysWild so I must have my camera on hand for that one. Lets hope not to go out on a flop!

Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 28 – Bands on the Beacon

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28

There’s not many wild days left #30DaysWild. Munashe has already asked if we can do 100 Days Wild! So I’m guessing that will mean we will #staywild.

Today we headed over to Walsall for Bands on the Beacon to listen to some live music and soak in the festival feeling atmosphere.

bands on the beacon

The BBC Wildlife Trust were out in force. They helped our little munchkins create these amazing bee’s. They are super simple to make but look so effective. Made from an kkle bitty pinecone, some yellow wool and a tiny piece of plastic bag. Zori and Munashe ran round with their bee’s making buzzing noises. WILD FUN!DSC02716

Zori and Munashe enjoyed dancing to the bands.dancing

Munashe was very pleased to be given some drumsticks from The Sherlocks and now wants to be in a band with his friends and to make a stage in the garden…watch this space!

30 Days Wild – Day 24 – Sunrise over Birmingham

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_23

One of the ideas on our #30DaysWild list was to watch the sunrise and listen to the Dawn Chorus. Our little Munchkins are both owls, not larks. They probably would have been more suited to watching the sunset rather than the sunrise. However there is something very special about that moment when the first bit of sunlight pops over the horizon.

I checked the weather forecast late last night and it looked like actually seeing the sunrise could be a possibility. I set the alarm for 3.30am, which is utterly ridiculous. So after about just 2 hours sleep we were up. We dragged Nash and Zori out of their beds just before 4am and with bananas in hand we set out for Beacon Hill to watch the sun rise over Birmingham.DSC02475

The sun popped over the horizon and it was pretty spectacular.  This was a real treat for Munashe, he has been fascinated with space for nearly a year. “Wow, it’s bigger, it will soon be ginormous”


It then became so bright we were worried about our little munchkins looking directly into the sunlight. imageWe headed back to the little castle for some tea and bananas. 

And finished off with a family selfy! Then we were back home before 6.30am!DSC02498


30 Days Wild – Day 20 – Searching for Treasure in a Downpour

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_20I love the idea of Geocaching. Searching for treasure, can it get anymore fun? Well the idea of Geocaching and the reality are two totally different things. We searched through the thicket. Got scratched by brambles and searched, searched, searched…


And searched some more…


and found NOTHING! We even attempted to find a different cache..NOTHING…We had told Munashe that we were going to search for treasure, he was extremely excited. What 4 year old boy wouldn’t be? So you can imagine the disappointment when we found NOTHING 😦

And then it started to POUR… so in true #30DaysWild style we DANCED IN A DOWNPOUR! Credit to Munashe for joining in.


Then we found puddles. Puddles will always guarantee to cheer up a grumpy munchkin.


We then started to head for home.


However, Leo would not be defeated. After some research, and some encouragement we went back in search of cache number one. Geocaching Top Tip…always look at the ‘Hint’ on the app. And make sure your looking at the right hint for the right cache. This was our downfall.

So back in we went. And HOORAY…We found the treasure. Just look at the joy on Munashe’s face. Definitely worth all those prickles.

DSC02275Zori went straight for the good stuff and helped herself to some real treasure. A tricky day that ended well. I still love the idea of Geocaching…I’d love to hear other peoples successes and any Top Tips…Please comment 🙂


30 Days Wild – Day 19 – Nature Mobile

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_19Today we took a visit to Deers Leap Wood. A lovely little woodland area about 2 miles from Birmingham City Centre.DSC02168

We spent a couple of minutes in silence in the middle of the woods. Silence is a rare commodity in our household! So those two minutes where we all tuned into the sounds of the birds were rather special.DSC02189

We enjoyed a good explore and then set to work to create a Nature Mobile.

We collected leaves, flowers, feathers and sticks. Zori got a big leaf.


Munashe got the sticks


And with a little bit of twine, this is what we created


These little munchkins do love water. We found some large puddles, in went the stones. If they can’t jump into them, they have to throw something into it. There was a log across the water. Zori held my hand and must have walked over this log about twenty times.


And of course Munashe got stuck in too!


Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 17 – Live Webcams

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17What a fantastic way to learn about birds and other creatures. Through #30DaysWild I have found out about all these wonderful live webcams. You can get up close and personal with bats, owls, kestrels, peregrines, ospreys. So today our Random Act of Wildness was staying indoors and peering in at a whole bunch of live webcams.


A particular favorite of ours was watching the barn owls. Or rather the little owlets. No sign of mum yet. These are rather addictive…I could be up all night. I think the addictiveness (is that even a word?) has something to do with knowing what you are seeing is happening right NOW. And some even have sound!oooowl

Munashe became interested in the Kestrel cam. We saw her shifting about a lot and then she moved and we saw that she was sitting on a whole bunch of eggs. “I really want to see those little chicks”, exclaimed Munahse. I’m not sure baby kestrels are called chicks??? anyone out there can you help!


We decided it would be a fantastic idea to keep watching Mrs Kestrel every day and so we can see those little Kestrel Babies hatch. Not knowing anything about Kestrels it will be a learning experience for me as well as my little munchkins!

On doing a google search for Wildlife Webcams it looks like there’s a heap of them out there. It has opened up a whole new world…lions and tigers and bears.

Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 16 – How nature nearly lost me my shopping

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16We took an evening stroll down our local canal….woop woop a canal adventure, according to Munashe.


I loved listening to the sounds of the birds getting louder as the drone of the main road grew fainter and fainter. Sadly due to the arrival of a Tesco shop we were on a specific time frame. So the stroll along the canal was more relaxing that the fast paced walk back.

I’m not sure what it is about my children and sticks. We were walking past this tree and this time Zori commented “What’s that stick in the water?” Here below is Zori’s stick!


It’s a long, sunny evening so the perfect time to crack open some of those Wildlife Watch  magazines.

We were not quite up a tree or in a meadow, but will a field full of horse manure do?

Zori was particually interested in the grass snake in the water. As this was in a magazine we can’t cross it off our mini-beasts list. Only 14 more days to see a snake!

While Munashe focused more on the lego birds. Do check out the Lego Birds  link as they are pretty awesome and rather inspiring.DSC02129

Rushing the children always gives me a level of stress and we had to be back before the top of the hour.


Oh it will be alright, I thought. The shopping never arrives at the beginning of the hour slot. I rushed everyone back to the car. We had just 3 minutes before the shopping may arrive (We don’t live that close to the canal). I drove slightly manically all the way home. As we got to our street we could see the Tesco van driving away from our house. It was only 8.02pm, I really couldn’t believe it. I raced after that van. It did a strange reversing round the corner, I stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out of the car. The van couldn’t move. I’d done it! The shopping is now safely in the cupboards and I’m happy. 🙂

Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 14 – Will the Aunties go Wild?

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_14

Munashe and Zori were soooo excited about the imminent arrival of not one but two Aunties, and a cousin! Munashe was very excited about going wild with an auntie but would they be up for it?

Today was a momentous day for Munashe. Look at this pic and see if you can work out why?

DSC01976Today Munashe lost his first ever tooth. When I say he lost it, he really did. I thought maybe he had swallowed it. He thought it may have fallen out on the grass in the garden. I’d lost hope that we would ever find it. We eventually found it on the kitchen floor. It’s so tiny! A big milestone.

I am very pleased to report that the Aunties went WILD. Even when it started raining they didn’t rush inside. Everyone got involved and we created a masterpiece!


It involved MUD and WATER and WASHING UP LIQUID and PAINT.


Otherwise known as MUD PAINT. Thanks to Learn Play Imagine for the fantastic idea. We had to modify the recipe, our colours weren’t as vibrant but fun and creativity were at large. So we began…


And continued…


Nearly done but still having fun…


And the #30DaysWild Mud Paint Masterpiece


We’d all finished up, all except from Zori. She continued on her own finishing up her corner of the masterpiece.


Check out more of the fun on the LeoThExplorer blog and vlog.

Sarah x

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30 Days Wild – Day 11 – Squash those flowers

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_11A few weeks ago we had a tonne of bluebells in our garden. The little munchkins decided to pick a few. I haven’t yet worked out how to explain to a two year old which flowers are okay to pick and which are not.

When a child comes to you and says “Mummy, I’ve picked some flowers for you” and hands you a bunch of Bluebells, it’s hard to be mad.

So we decided to get the flower press out and see what happened. I haven’t pressed flowers since being little. A few hours after putting the bluebells I’m the flower press I had to open it. “Are they ready yet?” It was a lot easier to show them than keep saying “No”


Today we opened it for the second time. We found some lovely flat bluebells. “It’s like paper”, exclaimed Munashe.


The sun was so gorgeous today. For me, the perfect temperature is somewhere between 20 and 25 c. So I was loving it! While enjoying the last of the sun, we stuck the petals onto some paper plates.


A few little smiles from Zori as she had finished her masterpiece!


Munashe continued being creative and was very proud of his earth picture. Can you spot the Tee-pee and the ‘X marks the spot!’ and the sun?


We spent some time collecting some daisies and buttercups (acceptable picking flowers!) and replenished our flower press. We may create something else in a couple of weeks….any ideas?


Sarah x