30 Days Wild – Day 29 – Priory Fields

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_29We have been so busy lately so we spent the day at home (and in the garden). I caught up on some much needed house work…Yawn!

Time for the evening 🙂

We left our little munchkins at home with Granny and Gramps and had some wild fun of our own.

I recently got a new camera and usually have to be super quick with taking photos (what with the little ones) so this evening would be different 🙂

I was well prepared banana, water and camera. Whenever I go out without my munchkins, I take my normal large bag, remove all the kiddy parafanalia and then wonder what I used to fill my rather large handbag with!

Anyways we settled down in the long wild grass of Priory Fields Nature Reserve  and I was ready to tuck into my fish n chips. A quick pic….agggghhhhh

no card in the camera, I was gutted. I was looking forward to having a little play with my camera, in the wild, without the interruptions of little people.

So so I resulted to my very old iPhone 3GS. Let’s see if it was any good…image

Well….not so great. You live and learn!!

We enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds and the general peacefulness of the evening 🙂 Check out Leo’s Blog to hear those delightful sounds 🙂

Tomorrow is the last day of #30DaysWild so I must have my camera on hand for that one. Lets hope not to go out on a flop!

Sarah x