30 Days Wild – Day 22 – A Fire Breathing Butterfly

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_22

“Once upon a time there was a large gigantic wild butterfly. It was flying and it landed on a bush. It stayed there for so many days that a dragon swooped down and saw the butterfly. But it didn’t breath fire on it when he saw it. It was a nice dragon. And the nice dragon saw that the butterfly was enormous and was almost the same size as the dragon. Probably that’s why they are friends. The butterfly and the dragon were friends.

DSC02359Until a hedgehog came along. The hedgehog was smaller. When the dragon saw the hedgehog it breathed fire onto the hedgehog. The hedgehog curled up in a ball to protect itself from the fire. The dragon came and held it and it was prickly and he dropped it into some water, and so it cooled down and the hedgehog swam to the surface of the water and quickly got out. He didn’t realise he was on a beach, he didn’t realise he was on a hot, hot beach.

Munashe telling a story

Until he saw a fish jumping out of the water on a beach, and it went to try to prick the fish, but it jumped back into the water again, it was a dolphin and it jumped back into the water again when the hedgehog tried to prick it again with its prickly spines. And then the large butterfly came back to the beach with his friend the dragon. The dragon blew fire on him again and the dragon threw him so far that he landed on the world of the dragon and the butterfly again. He went there and breathed more fire on, and the butterfly blew even more fire on the hedgehog

Getting to a good bit

The butterfly has learnt some new skills from his friend the dragon and he now can breath fire. That’s amazing. Then it got colder, the wind blew but the fire didn’t go away. It grew bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and then the butterfly blew the biggest fire ever onto the hedgehog. But the hedgehog curled up into another ball. No, it didn’t. The hedgehog died. But then he woke up again, and they were all friends and lived happily ever after…..Lets tell another wild story.”

Munashe loves to tell stories. Telling stories together is great fun. I love to hear where the story is going to go to next. I’m sure we will be telling more wild stories together! If you are interested Munashe’s words are in italics. If you are interested to hear the story have a look at LeoThExplorers Blog.

Sarah x

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