Feeding the Dragon…Party Game

Munashe recently celebrated his 5th birthday! He was very excited to choose the theme for his party…DRAGONS!! So in keeping with the dragon theme, we thought the ‘Feeding the Dragon’ game would be fun. It basically consists of kids throwing food (play food, balls etc) through the dragons mouth. I am no good at coming up with fantastic original illustrations so I enlisted the help of Leo (aka leothexplorer). He came up with this fantastic illustration with the most perfect wide mouth for feeding the dragon.


I had the job of copying and painting this onto a large cardboard box. I first drew the dragon in pencil, going over the lines with a black permanent marker. I used acrylic paint to colour the dragon in.

I cut out the mouth with my trusty craft knife and stuck some teeth made of paper. I wanted the teeth to move out of the way when hit with play food, rather that bashing up the cardboard. I found mixing the colours and painting very therapeutic and was really pleased with the final result.

Aside from the party, it has kept Zori and Munashe entertained and practicing their throwing skills.

imageLooks like Zori is going to be the dragons dinner!

For more dragon party ides check out Dragon Egg Hunt and Roaring Dragon Activity

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