It’s Giveaway Time

Every year the lovely Leo (aka LeoTheXplorer) illustrates and designs an academic wall planner. This years one is now out. We hope you like it…


We are running a giveaway to win one of our planners. All you need to do is comment on this blog post and you will automatically be entered. One person will be chosen at random when the giveaway closes on the 31st July.

We are also offering 20% off on our ETSY store with the code BLOGGING2017

Have a fabulous day. 🙂


Look I made some Chalk!

Little Missy was recently given a chalk making kit. The little ones got straight to it and made some fabulous looking chalks. Check out our instragram feed to see them.

I then thought how about using what we have around the house to make some super chunky chalks.img_0572We collected together some toilet rolls, plaster of paris, plastic tubs. plastic spoons, gel food colouring, masking tape and paper.

We put a couple of small pieces of paper over the end of the toilet rolls and secured it with masking tape. We made up some plaster of paris mixture and added some gel food colouring. We used guesswork for the amount of water and the amount of plaster of paris, alternatively if you hate guesswork then use two parts plaster of paris to every one part water. After a good mix little man poured the mixture into the toilet rolls.

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetWe waited for a couple of days for the mixture to completely dry, it may not need this long. We then peeled off the cardboard tubes and here revealed were our super chunky chalks. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Magic Lantern Festival

Looking back on these photos we took in November makes me smile 🙂

img_0367Going to the Magic Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham really was magical. Seeing the joy on the children’s faces makes everything special. There’s really not much to say, just some pretty pictures of some pretty lights.

At the time of writing the last day of the festival was actually yesterday!! doh, teach me to be so disorganised with timely blog posts! However…there is a Magic Lantern Festival at Chiswick House Gardens in London till the end of February! I’m guessing they’ve just transported the lanterns.img_0365

There was absolutely loads to see and this small collection of photographs really is just a snippet. There were flowers and trees, penguins and ants, reindeers and unicorns, fish and frogs, clowns and angels…the list could go on.

And a couple more pics..




And if you do go…be prepared to spend a lot on food…or just take some treats with you!

Have you ever been to anything like this? How was it for you?


Welcome to 2017… it’s giveaway time!

Are you desperate to get your Christmas decorations packed away and get on with your 2017? Or are you still in Christmas relaxation mode?

My lovely husband (aka leothexplorer) has created this unique and bright wall planner to keep your 2017 on track. I really have benefited from being able to see our whole year at a glance. I know know exactly what we are doing each day. It has kept me from double booking and getting confused (this can easily happen!!) Our planner works well in our dining room, though I can see it brightening up the kitchen or a work room. I love having something cheery to look at.

We are running a giveaway, you could win this inspiring planner to help make your super busy life more organised. For your chance to win Just comment below and you will automatically be entered into the competition, we will pick one winner at random. Closing date will be midnight on Tuesday 10th January 2017.

We are selling these A2 Wall Planners in our Etsy shop, if you use the code BLOG2017 you can get a massive 25% off. These would make a fun and practical Christmas gift, a great blogging organiser or a family planner.

We’ve just got an large A1 planner printed which is also available in our Etsy Shop.

Remember to comment below for a chance to win 😀

Happy New Year 🍾 🎉


Happy Little Season Box

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetDon’t you just love the seasons? Each one being so different and bringing fresh new wonders. Having young children I find this is easy to appreciate as I see the joy each season brings to them. After all, our daughter has only experienced four Autumns! Crispy leaves and collecting conkers are definite favourites!

This Autumn we have been overjoyed to receive a Happy Little Season Box from Ruth over at read create and love me too. I received this box free of charge, however all views are my own.

The happy little season box is an activity box for children inspired by the season, this autumn’s box was full of crafty stuff some fun added extras (snowdrops to plant & leaf cutters). The happy little season box is so beautifully packaged, its certainly delightful. It fits through your letter box so you don’t have to worry about not being at home when it arrives.

Our children have tried a couple of other craft boxes but they have been very prescriptive and quite uninspiring. I totally love the way the Happy little season box is open ended, it’s inspired by the season which fuels creativity . We have opened it up on a few occasions and our son has decided what to create. It really does stimulate hours of creativity and activity.

Here’s what Penguin got up to. A birthday card for his best mate

A peg doll for his sister

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

A painting of connecting trees

Natural play dough leaf cutting fun

There were so many possibilities with this box even Little Missy got to create a birthday card for her Granny.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset
All that is left now is to wonder what the winter box will hold! Actually I don’t think we need to wait. Ruth is selling the winter happy little season box over at folksy.

Have you ever received a craft box or an activity box through your door, was it any good? I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below  🙂

DIY Peg Family


I work well to a deadline. I have so many artist/creative projects that are in my head, desperate to get out. I always feel that time is against me!

An upcoming birthday is the perfect motivator to get me to start and finish this project that I had began preparing for about a year ago!

My preparations began with sourcing these peg people, I think (though it was so long ago!) that I got them from eBay.


I knew I needed a plan before I just began to paint so I sketched out a peg family and decided on what they would wear, what colours or use and how to do their hair. For this project I created a generic family, it would be easy to personalise a peg family with hair colour and styles and clothing choices, similar to what I did when creating Our Pebble Family.

Using acrylic paint and my new favourite Posca Paint Pens, I got to work.


The process for, sketching to finishing the painting only took a couple of days.

As I have made them to be played with, rather than just looked at I finished them off with a couple of coats of acrylic varnish.


I was pleased with the end product, I hope the birthday girl will be 😀

Wild Art

When I was at school studying art I became really interested in the land art by Andy Goldsworthy. He creates really fantastic artwork in nature with nature. Do check out the link. In June we were involved in the #30DaysWild challenge (doing something wild every day for 30 days) and decided to have our own go at some land art.

We love collecting bits and bobs from nature, pine cones, sticks, stones, shells, feathers, conkers etc… So from our box of many things I started to create this heart made. It wasn’t long before the little munchkins became interested and joined in.


Since the #30DaysWild challenge we have spent some time in the local river building a dam but also attempting some rock balancing (well…more like stone balancing!)


have you you created any art in nature? I’d love to see it 😀 Or would you love to give it a go?

Perfect Teacher Gift and Giveaway

It’s nearly the summer holidays for many of you! Woo Hoo!
Lets just hope we actually get some sunshine, all this rain is driving me crazy.

I know it must be soooo tricky to buy your child’s teacher a fabulous gift that they will actually want. If I was a teacher I would be very happy with a shed load of chocolate!!

Leo has designed and illustrated this fabulous academic wall planner which can be for the classroom or home. I personally find wall planners really helpful in organising my life! I think any teacher would find this really useful and it looks good too!

Do you think it would make a good teacher gift?

Would you like one to help organise your own life? Well you can WIN one here. Just comment below and we will pick one person at random.

Closing Date – 30th July 2016

To find the Academic Wall Planner on Etsy please follow this link.

Have a great day

Sarah 🙂

Junk Modelling

I can be such a horder and it can get a little ridiculous!! I mean everything can be useful, right? And we don’t want to just chuck everything on to landfill…surely we are running out of space!

One of the things I horde is JUNK. For precisely this reason. About 4 times a year we get the JUNK out and make stuff! My junk box is a great place to stash those great bits of packaging, smallish boxes, random bits of wood, crazy bits of plastic and old pen lids.

This is Little Missys creation. She has told me it is a princess, an owl and something that catches monsters!

Whatever it is, it was her design. I think it’s fantastic to let little people create for creating sake.

Usually I let Penguin and Little Missy use sellotape to make their junk creations. They absolutely love sellotape. Today we went for a different and more controlled approach. The Glue Gun. I let the little munchkins decide what they wanted where and I did the gluing. The ease and speed of using the glue gun meant their designs were more elaborate than usual. They seemed happy with the results.

Penguin was very pleased with the Super Crasher Trap he designed!

Do your little ones create stuff out of junk? I’d love to hear about their crazy inventions 😀