Plaster of Paris Painting 

So this was an experiment. Basically we have loads of plaster of Paris so I’ve been searching for ideas of how we can use it. We tried pouring plaster of Paris into a balloon and squidge it to create a sculpture, this actually worked better as chalk than a piece of art! 

Then we tried to make some paint. Penguin mixed some food colouring with plaster of Paris a created a lovely thick paste. 

The colours love looked great, though Penguin had abit of a race against time as the plaster if Paris began to dry. 

I love the textures the plaster of Paris made on the canvas.

Initially the colours felt really vibrant although when the paint dried the colours became fainter. I still love the end result, it has a cool fresh feel and it looks great up on the wall. I think Penguin is proud.

Have you got any ideas what I can use the rest of my plaster of Paris for? 

Buttons and Glitter


After creating some fun buttony glittery birthday cards (click link). Little Missy decided she hadn’t had her fill of glittery fun for the day.

I found an old canvas and pasted some PVA glue on it and let Little Missy sprinkle lots and lots of glitter over it.


With some help from Granny she continued her masterpiece with buttons, buttons and more glitter. All stuck on with PVA glue. It was lovely to see Little Missy exercising her freedom and creativity, knowing exactly which button she wanted next and exactly how much glitter she wanted.

I love giving my little munchkins a canvas to work on, it feels much more permanent than a flimsy bit of paper and often the end result is a lot more pleasing too.

Little Missy’s art work is now up on the wall in our living room, she is very proud!

Here are a couple more examples of Little Missy’s glittery art work.



What art materials do you/your children love working with?

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