All Things Wild Nature Centre

This place is incredible, I’m afraid I won’t do it justice. I’ll give it a go…

We had a fantastic day but certainly didn’t see all the Nature Centre had to offer. If we lived close enough we would definitely consider buying an annual pass.

The All Things Wild Nature Centre is situated in the village of Honeybourne which is in Worcestershire.


When we arrived our little munchkins spotted the small
indoor soft play area. It was such a beautiful day I couldn’t believe we were stuck inside. I finally enticed them out and we were able to explore. This nature centre is BIG and when I say big I mean massive. Maybe I just think that because we live in a city so space is limited?! It has been designed really well, and is very asthetically pleasing, with some lovely features. imageWe loved being explorers playing in the green off roader and pretending to go up in the helicopter.imageAnd some more archaeological fun digging for dinosaur bones.

Have you ever done a bearfoot walk?

This is our second official bearfoot walk expreience and the children probably spent an hour going round it many times. For those of you who haven’t a clue what I am rambling on aboout, basically a bearfoot walk is just that. You take off all footwear and walk bearfoot and experience different textures under your feet. The pictures explain it better than I ever could. I joined in with the experience but pebbles…not so fun! If you have the national trust booklet – 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4  …. A bearfoot walk is in it!

This was one of Munashe’s favorite moments of our day. He spotted a parrot in one of the enclosures and began talking to it. Munashe was extremely suprised when it said ‘Hello’!

Zori loves going on trains. This land train was enjoyed and it has a bit of Jurassic Park about it.


There were massive life sized models of about 20 different dinosaurs. These can also be experienced by stepping thorough time on the ‘Dino Walk’


So looking at my pictures it totally looks like this place has nothing to do with real alive animals…well it does. There are meerkats, tortoises, armadillos, monkeys, rabbits, deer, snakes, ostrich, the list could keep going……. trust me! Though we totally didn’t get round all the centre so more trips here are definitely needed!

And there’s other stuff. Go Karts, an indoor beach, pond dipping, craft room, reptile room, bug land. I think you can see why we didn’t even see it all.

Where do you enjoy to visit that you could go to 100 times and still love it?

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30 Days Wild – Day 21 – Barefoot

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_21

Today our Wild Challenge was to take off our shoes and go barefootDSC02302

So we abandoned our shoes and enjoyed the tickly grass under our feet.


We ran aroundDSC02301

And had some fun xDSC02318After Munashe had been running around barefoot for a while, he wanted his wellies back on. It turns out the nasty stinging nettles had got the bottom of his foot…eek.

Sarah x