It’s time to be WILD

Want to be WILD this June? The The Wildlife Trusts are challenging is to do something WILD everyday for a whole month. Something wild is basically something that connects us with nature. Last year, as a family, we took part in 30 Days Wild and thoroughly enjoyed it.


If you’d like to take the challenge this year, you can get your activity pack from the Wildlife Trust here.

Here’s a list of all the wild activities and adventures we got up to last year.

Click the links for more details and lots of pics.


Are you planning on signing up?

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My Petit Canard

Our Pebble Family

I love creating stuff out of things found in nature; sticks, stones, pinecones, acorns, conkers…the list goes on.
And I also love pinterest, it can be incredibly addictive, I love to pin. I use pinterest mainly as a form of inspiration. I have loads of ideas i’d love to create but time is always an obsitacle. That and my incredibly dire organisational skills….

Most of what you see on the creation side of my blog is stuff that’s been buzzing around my head for a long while and finally sees its way to existence.

I’ve had these pictures pinned to one of my boards for ages. These inspired me to create ‘Our Pebble Family’

I collected a load of stones from the beach about a year ago and sorted them out while Penguin was busy creating his own stone art.

I’m not much of an illustrator, thankfully my husband is. He’d created these illustrations of our family during our #30DaysWild challenge. Now I can’t illustrate but I can copy!!! so I copied Leo’s illustrations onto these pebbles, splitting up the different sections of the bodies. I used a white acrylic paint for the background colour. I first did the outline in pencil and then used a really fine brush to paint on the black lines.


I used acrylic paint to colour the illustrations.


I wanted Penguin and Little Missy to be able to play with our pebble family without the paint coming off. I gave each pebble a couple of coats of a clear acrylic varnish. I was really pleased with the varnish, it gave the pebbles a shiny finish. Given the amount of knocks the pebbles have already had, it is very effective. I love toys and activities that aid imaginative play. ‘Our Pebble Family’ has been used a lot for role play and has certainly engaged the little munchkins when I’m needing some time to prepare dinner!

Do you use Pinterest as a form of inspiration? I’d love to link up with you and see what inspires you.

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Trash 2 Treasure

Coventry Transport Museum

This year Coventry Transport Museum had a 9.5 million pound face lift! So we thought we’d make a day of it. It was a real treat to go on a day when enthusiasts had all brought their dinky cars (not sure of their official name) for a bit of a show and tell.

Coventry Transport Museum has this fantastic massive space out front, great for a parade of beautiful cars.

Munashe and Zori chose their favourites 🙂

Before you go to the museum do be aware, it’s rather big! Being home to a vast quantity of vehicles it’s kind of got to be. It’s probably best to allow at least 2-3 hours to go around. This museum is a perfect day out for a vehicle enthusiast. And it’s free, which is awesome! One of Munashe’s first words was car (pronounced ‘dar’). Instead of going to sleep cuddling a teddy bear he would be clutching two wooden cars. So this day out was a hit with our little munchkins. Having an older car loving brother means Zori enjoys brumming a car around the living room just as much as Munashe.


The museum goes through the history of transportation, along with bikes, cars and other vehicles from back in the day, they are displayed alongside videos and activities to engage young and old.


There are a whole array of cars to be seen, en-route thought the museum Munashe practiced his motor racing moves and decided he’d quite like to own this Jaguar when he’s able to drive!

Coventry transport museum is home to the worlds fastest car (at the time of writing), the Thrust SSC set the world land speed record, at a massive 763mph back in 1997. This record may be broken at the end of the year by the Bloodhound. The Thurst SSC is a definite must see. The car (if you can call it that) is massive and resembles more of a rocket than a car. They even have a 4D simulator (for a fee). Sounds a little scary but fun. Simulating going at 763mph, not your average roller coaster sim!


The little Munchkins enjoyed designing a fast car and putting it to the test 🙂 They managed 762mph. Not Bad!image

To finish off, here was one of my favorite dinky cars. Very cute with the only door right at the front!image

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Woburn Safari Park

imageThe other week we had a fantastic time meeting up with some lovely friends at Woburn Safari Park. I was very impressed with the park. We got to see so many animals, with some fantastic viewing. We went during the summer holidays and I did fear that it would be super busy and I really don’t like super busy. There were quite a few cars on the road safari, but not enough to slow us down. On the foot safari there weren’t too many people so I was happy. The atmosphere was very relaxed with enough to do for a whole day out with out feeling like we were missing out on something. We loved the road safari so much we even went back for round two!!

The most exciting bit for me was seeing a black bear. Probably because I’ve never seen a bear before and the fact we were so close. I sneakily popped down the window for a quick pic!


They have an enclosure on the road safari with loads of monkeys in. Now these monkeys are extremely cheeky and very playful. They are really good fun to watch, they jump on cars, roll around on the floor, jump in the trees and chase each other. If you are planning to go maybe don’t take your brand new car! We watched this monkey snap the ariel off the car in front of us, very cheeky!


On the foot safari we saw lemurs, seals, birds of paradise and giant tortoises, to name a few. Munashe had been excited about seeing the penguins. His favourite bit was watching them swim (fly) underwater. Hours of entertainment!image

Zori got very upset about not being allowed on the pedalo swans. They are strict when it comes to there 1 meter rule! A tub of chocolate ice cream soon put her right!


When the rains came the children had a bounce and a slide. There’s a great area, all undercover, with 3 different bouncy castles. It’s restricted to under 5’s so our little munchkins had a whale of a time and expended some of that energy after being sat in the car for so long.


So all in all a great day out! I would love to hear your UK recommendations of great days out with little ones…please comment below.

Sarah 🙂

what katy said

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

30 Days Wild – Day 20 – Searching for Treasure in a Downpour

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_20I love the idea of Geocaching. Searching for treasure, can it get anymore fun? Well the idea of Geocaching and the reality are two totally different things. We searched through the thicket. Got scratched by brambles and searched, searched, searched…


And searched some more…


and found NOTHING! We even attempted to find a different cache..NOTHING…We had told Munashe that we were going to search for treasure, he was extremely excited. What 4 year old boy wouldn’t be? So you can imagine the disappointment when we found NOTHING 😦

And then it started to POUR… so in true #30DaysWild style we DANCED IN A DOWNPOUR! Credit to Munashe for joining in.


Then we found puddles. Puddles will always guarantee to cheer up a grumpy munchkin.


We then started to head for home.


However, Leo would not be defeated. After some research, and some encouragement we went back in search of cache number one. Geocaching Top Tip…always look at the ‘Hint’ on the app. And make sure your looking at the right hint for the right cache. This was our downfall.

So back in we went. And HOORAY…We found the treasure. Just look at the joy on Munashe’s face. Definitely worth all those prickles.

DSC02275Zori went straight for the good stuff and helped herself to some real treasure. A tricky day that ended well. I still love the idea of Geocaching…I’d love to hear other peoples successes and any Top Tips…Please comment 🙂


30 Days Wild – Day 19 – Nature Mobile

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_19Today we took a visit to Deers Leap Wood. A lovely little woodland area about 2 miles from Birmingham City Centre.DSC02168

We spent a couple of minutes in silence in the middle of the woods. Silence is a rare commodity in our household! So those two minutes where we all tuned into the sounds of the birds were rather special.DSC02189

We enjoyed a good explore and then set to work to create a Nature Mobile.

We collected leaves, flowers, feathers and sticks. Zori got a big leaf.


Munashe got the sticks


And with a little bit of twine, this is what we created


These little munchkins do love water. We found some large puddles, in went the stones. If they can’t jump into them, they have to throw something into it. There was a log across the water. Zori held my hand and must have walked over this log about twenty times.


And of course Munashe got stuck in too!


Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 16 – How nature nearly lost me my shopping

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16We took an evening stroll down our local canal….woop woop a canal adventure, according to Munashe.


I loved listening to the sounds of the birds getting louder as the drone of the main road grew fainter and fainter. Sadly due to the arrival of a Tesco shop we were on a specific time frame. So the stroll along the canal was more relaxing that the fast paced walk back.

I’m not sure what it is about my children and sticks. We were walking past this tree and this time Zori commented “What’s that stick in the water?” Here below is Zori’s stick!


It’s a long, sunny evening so the perfect time to crack open some of those Wildlife Watch  magazines.

We were not quite up a tree or in a meadow, but will a field full of horse manure do?

Zori was particually interested in the grass snake in the water. As this was in a magazine we can’t cross it off our mini-beasts list. Only 14 more days to see a snake!

While Munashe focused more on the lego birds. Do check out the Lego Birds  link as they are pretty awesome and rather inspiring.DSC02129

Rushing the children always gives me a level of stress and we had to be back before the top of the hour.


Oh it will be alright, I thought. The shopping never arrives at the beginning of the hour slot. I rushed everyone back to the car. We had just 3 minutes before the shopping may arrive (We don’t live that close to the canal). I drove slightly manically all the way home. As we got to our street we could see the Tesco van driving away from our house. It was only 8.02pm, I really couldn’t believe it. I raced after that van. It did a strange reversing round the corner, I stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out of the car. The van couldn’t move. I’d done it! The shopping is now safely in the cupboards and I’m happy. 🙂

Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 12 – A two year old up a tree

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12Today we spent sometime with some friends paddling in the River Rea.


DSC01899It was really encouraging to see Munashe’s confidence grow as he paddled in the river. He was working out how deep the water was and if the water wouldn’t go over his wellies.

DSC01909“I washed my hands in the river and I nearly fell in. I just pushed myself back and I didn’t fall”

I love spending time with friends and their children. It really encourages mine to do things they would never usually do. Just yesterday we were at the swimming pool. Usually Munashe refuses to go under the shower afterwards, but he quickly joined his best friend. There are certain foods they will never eat when prepared by me. These will be gladly munched down in another home!!

We found a fantastic tree. It branched out so close to the ground that it made for a super doopa first tree climbing experience for Zori, my two year old.


Munashe is enjoying drawing while out in the wild. He is documenting his experiences through pictures. His friend was enjoying to throw pebbles (or rocks) into the river. So here we have a picture of lots of pebbles, the river and Munashe’s friend.

DSC01911We had a bit more time for Wild Fun when Daddy returned home. The rain had arrived so we popped into the garden to see what Wildlife we could find. When we were about to return indoors Munashe shouted ‘look, its a frog’. He was extremely excited as he can now tick of FROG on his Mini-beast list. He was very brave and touched a frog for the first time “It was a bit slimy and wet and slippy”