Wild Art

When I was at school studying art I became really interested in the land art by Andy Goldsworthy. He creates really fantastic artwork in nature with nature. Do check out the link. In June we were involved in the #30DaysWild challenge (doing something wild every day for 30 days) and decided to have our own go at some land art.

We love collecting bits and bobs from nature, pine cones, sticks, stones, shells, feathers, conkers etc… So from our box of many things I started to create this heart made. It wasn’t long before the little munchkins became interested and joined in.


Since the #30DaysWild challenge we have spent some time in the local river building a dam but also attempting some rock balancing (well…more like stone balancing!)


have you you created any art in nature? I’d love to see it 😀 Or would you love to give it a go?

Christmas Conker Decorations


Have you got piles of conkers around your home…left over from Autumn collections!! We have soooo many so I thought reusing them would be a fab idea.

I did wonder if I should drill holes in them and soak them in vinegar ready for some full on conker fights. Maybe not! Conkers on string and little people swinging them around is just a recipe for disaster.

Penguin has been very excited about Christmas so I thought we’d do some early preparations (early at the time of making- not blogging!). So we made some Christmas tree decorations.

As Little Missy loves to thread it made sense to drill holes in the conkers (easier than I anticipated).


We got some wool, tied a knot about halfway down and threaded.

We then dipped part of the wool in a pva glue and paint mix and wrapped it around the conkers. Then came the glitter…

and voila…

Our conker collection is still rather large! Have you got any ideas for more conker crafts or activities?

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