30 Days Wild – Day 3 – When things don’t go as planned!

So today was MINIBEASTS day….We were going on a hunt or at least that’s what I thought. The children were enthusiastic and well prepared with their clipboards, thank you http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/ for the fantastic printouts.


We had found a beeDSC01220

but then something happened….


We found these amazing trees, they were pink and winding all around and soooo much fun. So we abandoned our minibeast hunt for the day (to be continued) and played! I love the freedom of having something planned but then if the little munchkins find something else they are interested in then we can just go with the flow and that’s ok.

Playing hide and seek, Munashe has just been found!
Zori found it fantastic fun to duck under all the lovely winding branches. She then continued to use her new found skill, ducking under many other things, for the rest of the day.

So not only did they find fun exciting trees and squirrels to chase and ducks to feed but they also spotted the ice cream van!!

Sharin!g at last
Sharing at last!

So that was DAY 3 of 30 DAYS WILD at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham.

Sarah 🙂

30 Days Wild – Day 1 – Its SUMMER…here comes the rain again!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_01Woo Hoo! Its June and that means 30 DAYS WILD. Munashe has been asking if its Monday yet for the past few days…wonderful that WILD things can be greeted with nearly as much excitement as Christmas!

So here we are….and its SUMMER – so visions of being out in the glorious hot sun with a melting ice cream, walking bare foot in the lush green grass spotting butterflies were definitely on my radar. But Oh No this is England…the wind, the rain and the cold!

So the challenge today – could we actually enjoy ourselves outdoors in the wind and rain or should we just give up on 30 DAYS WILD now or just stay inside and read a book about butterflies and wait for the summer to arrive??!

Lets get out there and see….


Off they go...
Off they go…

We headed down to Edgbaston Reservoir in the heart of Birmingham. It was raining….so lets see more water.DSC01096

It’s great to run and breath in nature and to be outside for a prolonged period of time. So that’s what we did we ran, we jumped, we walked we played. It was good!

Zori’s eyes would light up at the sight of yet another muddy puddle. Jumping in puddles definitely gave her the most joy, but really she could have happily spent another couple of hours watching the birds, the water, making marks in the ground with her wellies.

Munashe and Zori enjoying those muddy puddles!
Munashe and Zori enjoying those muddy puddles!

Munashe managed to find the gluppiest, muddiest, sloppiest puddle, which was the muddy version of quick sand. Which resulted in loosing a welly! Munashe’s highlight was the little family of Coot’s, telling is they were so cute and trying to work out which one was the toddler.

Which one's the toddler?
Which one’s the toddler?

So did we manage to enjoy ourselves in the RAIN and the WIND?? Oh YEAH

Our family selfy!
Our family selfy!