30 Days Wild – Day 3 – When things don’t go as planned!

So today was MINIBEASTS day….We were going on a hunt or at least that’s what I thought. The children were enthusiastic and well prepared with their clipboards, thank you http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/ for the fantastic printouts.


We had found a beeDSC01220

but then something happened….


We found these amazing trees, they were pink and winding all around and soooo much fun. So we abandoned our minibeast hunt for the day (to be continued) and played! I love the freedom of having something planned but then if the little munchkins find something else they are interested in then we can just go with the flow and that’s ok.

Playing hide and seek, Munashe has just been found!
Zori found it fantastic fun to duck under all the lovely winding branches. She then continued to use her new found skill, ducking under many other things, for the rest of the day.

So not only did they find fun exciting trees and squirrels to chase and ducks to feed but they also spotted the ice cream van!!

Sharin!g at last
Sharing at last!

So that was DAY 3 of 30 DAYS WILD at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham.

Sarah 🙂

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