For the children that have no toys

I want our children to be generous, appreciate what they have and not to take it for granted. It’s so easy to expect stuff as a child. Birthday parties and  Christmas always mean they will get presents so it’s no wonder they come to expect it.

I love getting involved in the Operation Christmas Child project as it means we can give to those children who really don’t have much. Operation Christmas Child sends shoe boxes filled with toys, school supplies and toiletries, around the world to 130 countries. All you have to do is get a shoe box and fill it up with suitable goodies, add 3 pounds to go towards transport cost and drop it off at a collection point. See their website for more info.

Now that I have children getting involved in the shoe box project is even more fantastic. It’s a very practical way for them to learn what life is like in other countries and how fortunate they are. It’s also a way for them to be generous. We spent some time watching a couple of videos that operation Christmas child have produced and talking about the project. We had lots of fun shopping dragging our baskets around the store and filling them up with lots of goodies.

We chose some plastic shoe boxes this year, much more durable and useful for whoever receives it. With the project you get to chose if a boy or girl will get the box and their and approximate age. I encouraged our little munchkins to pick toys and other bits that they thought a child of their age would enjoy.

Munashe enjoyed explaining to the lady at the checkout that we were buying toys for the children who have no toys.

We had fun attempting to cram everything into our boxes when we got home. Our little munchkins had a little play with the toys…just to test them out! While Munashe seems to have grasped the whole shoe box project very well, Zori is still asking for her truck and her torch. She isn’t even three yet so it must be rather confusing! Maybe next year all will become clear!


There is also an opportunity to find our where our shoe boxes have been delivered too, which will be interesting and certainly another learning opportunity.

On previous years we have wrapped up the shoe boxes with Christmas wrapping paper. This year we thought a few stickers would make a nice addition to the plastic boxes.

Then all that was left was to drop them off at church 🙂


Do you know of any ideas or projects that can encourage our children to be generous? I’d love to hear all about them…please comment below.

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