Look I made some Chalk!

Little Missy was recently given a chalk making kit. The little ones got straight to it and made some fabulous looking chalks. Check out our instragram feed to see them.

I then thought how about using what we have around the house to make some super chunky chalks.img_0572We collected together some toilet rolls, plaster of paris, plastic tubs. plastic spoons, gel food colouring, masking tape and paper.

We put a couple of small pieces of paper over the end of the toilet rolls and secured it with masking tape. We made up some plaster of paris mixture and added some gel food colouring. We used guesswork for the amount of water and the amount of plaster of paris, alternatively if you hate guesswork then use two parts plaster of paris to every one part water. After a good mix little man poured the mixture into the toilet rolls.

Processed with VSCO with s1 presetWe waited for a couple of days for the mixture to completely dry, it may not need this long. We then peeled off the cardboard tubes and here revealed were our super chunky chalks. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Plaster of Paris Painting 

So this was an experiment. Basically we have loads of plaster of Paris so I’ve been searching for ideas of how we can use it. We tried pouring plaster of Paris into a balloon and squidge it to create a sculpture, this actually worked better as chalk than a piece of art! 

Then we tried to make some paint. Penguin mixed some food colouring with plaster of Paris a created a lovely thick paste. 

The colours love looked great, though Penguin had abit of a race against time as the plaster if Paris began to dry. 

I love the textures the plaster of Paris made on the canvas.

Initially the colours felt really vibrant although when the paint dried the colours became fainter. I still love the end result, it has a cool fresh feel and it looks great up on the wall. I think Penguin is proud.

Have you got any ideas what I can use the rest of my plaster of Paris for?