30 Days Wild – Day 13 – An Elephant in the Garden

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_13I was expecting heavy rain all day, so we planned accordingly. After a Rumble in the Jungle at the local library we headed home for an afternoon of fun in the rain. It stopped. And seemingly never to return! All those lovely rain activities will have to wait for another day. Thanks to all the lovely people on the 30DaysWild Facebook Group for the great ideas. They will not be wasted!

Thanks to National Bookstart Week we were given some goodies at our local library.DSC01946

We spent the afternoon with a couple of elephants in the garden.
DSC01950 DSC01955After all that activity, we now have to come up with a supa doopa plan. We need to involve a couple of visiting aunties in some random acts of wildness. Come back tomorrow (or check out Day 14) to see if we succeeded!

Sarah x

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