30 Days Wild – Day 15 – When my 4 year old had a Different Idea…

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15

Hello people of the world. The aunties were gone and we were feeling a bit sad. The day was nearly over, just enough time for some Random Acts of Wildness in the garden. Having attempted a bit of Bark Rubbing we thought we’d try some leaf rubbing. Initially all was well..

Zori is looking so pleased with her choice of leaf!

Leaves were collected….smiles were had.


Munashe got stuck in. But after a couple of attempts his enthusiasm waned. Either leaf rubbing is quite tricky or our cheap crayons are really bad. Zori spent the next half an hour chattering away loudly and telling herself stories. Munashe was tearing around the garden on his scooter attempting some tricks. I then discovered leaf rubbing can be rather therapeutic!


Zori was still chattering away and Munashe had some new idea. I’ve never heard of this one before…

DSC02092A leaf race, of leaves that are brothers and sisters!

DSC02098And the winner is…

DSC02104Munashe has a very active imagination and in nature it seems that creativity can really thrive.

So lets get rid of all those toys. We can give our children a pile of leaves, a pile of stones, some twigs and some mud and watch their imagination grow. Ha Ha not quite sure we are ready to get rid of the toys. But its food for thought! I would love to hear your thoughts…

Sarah 🙂

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