30 Days Wild – Day 16 – How nature nearly lost me my shopping

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16We took an evening stroll down our local canal….woop woop a canal adventure, according to Munashe.


I loved listening to the sounds of the birds getting louder as the drone of the main road grew fainter and fainter. Sadly due to the arrival of a Tesco shop we were on a specific time frame. So the stroll along the canal was more relaxing that the fast paced walk back.

I’m not sure what it is about my children and sticks. We were walking past this tree and this time Zori commented “What’s that stick in the water?” Here below is Zori’s stick!


It’s a long, sunny evening so the perfect time to crack open some of those Wildlife Watch  magazines.

We were not quite up a tree or in a meadow, but will a field full of horse manure do?

Zori was particually interested in the grass snake in the water. As this was in a magazine we can’t cross it off our mini-beasts list. Only 14 more days to see a snake!

While Munashe focused more on the lego birds. Do check out the Lego Birds  link as they are pretty awesome and rather inspiring.DSC02129

Rushing the children always gives me a level of stress and we had to be back before the top of the hour.


Oh it will be alright, I thought. The shopping never arrives at the beginning of the hour slot. I rushed everyone back to the car. We had just 3 minutes before the shopping may arrive (We don’t live that close to the canal). I drove slightly manically all the way home. As we got to our street we could see the Tesco van driving away from our house. It was only 8.02pm, I really couldn’t believe it. I raced after that van. It did a strange reversing round the corner, I stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out of the car. The van couldn’t move. I’d done it! The shopping is now safely in the cupboards and I’m happy. 🙂

Sarah x

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