Crafty Snakey Activity

After these pony beads had spent days covering the dining room floor, it was about time we did some creating with them.


Little Missy is really loving threading at the moment, which is what first inspired me to buy these pony beads and pipe cleaners.

Combined with Penguin’s desire to learn about snakes I thought I would devise a craft to suit them both. Usually we do crafty stuff at home, but with everything at their disposal they often ask for different things which often results in a dis-organised mess.

This time it would be different. We took a trip to the extremely immaculate house of Granny and Gramps and got crafting. This activity was ideal, it didn’t involve any paint or uncontrollable gluing! So no grumpy grandparents!

We threaded the beads onto pipe cleaners…

There’s this really simple way of making cute little pom poms using a fork. Even the little munchkins were able to get involved. You wrap wool around a fork. Thread some wool through the middle and tie really tight. Cut the wool down each side of the fork and that’s it.



I used a glue gun to attach the googly eyes and felt tongue to the pom poms. I attached the pom pom to the threaded pipe cleaner using the long bit of wool.

I’m not sure how much like a snake they look but hey it kept the little munchkins focused for half an hour! and some snakey fun afterwards!


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