Button Birthday Cards

imageWe love making birthday cards and are always on the look out for different ideas. Maybe this simple but effective idea will take you fancy! That is if you can cope with glitter and buttons. I know buttons are very fearful for some! And as for glitter….well you have to be prepared to have a sparkly house.

I made these cards with my 3 year old, so she needed some assistance but thoroughly enjoyed herself. I folded the card in two and using PVA glue I made the shape of a number. Little Missy chose the buttons and put them on the glue.

Little Missy can’t get enough of glittery artwork so nearly shook the whole pot of glitter over the buttons.

We managed to save some of the glitter by shaking it onto some paper when the glue was dried and putting it back into the pot, ready for our next glittery project.

Little Missy had so much fun with the buttons and glitter she went on to create more glittery artwork!!

What glittery projects have you enjoyed? Or are you scared of buttons? Please comment below

Sarah 🙂


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