Making Rain

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Ok, so we didn’t make real rain. We made blue rain, green rain,  red rain and orange rain.

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We saw this ‘experiment’ on Pinterest and thought we’d try. I’m not sure what we were experimenting, we were more creating something that looked like a clouds and rain and having fun with it.

We got shaving foam (the extremely cheap stuff for the supermarket-bought specifically for this!), some glass jars, food colouring (we used food colouring gels mixed with water), water and a couple of pipettes.

we filled the jars with water, squirted shaving foam on the top in an extremely cloud like fashion and then used the pipettes to drop colours through the foam.

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Our little ones loved this and kept asking for more. I love the patterns created in the water.

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Do you know any fabulous weather experiments? Please comment below.

28 thoughts on “Making Rain

  1. I have never seen this before what an awesome idea! We have done the water in a bottle where the condensation builds to show how clouds form, but never this, my kids will love this! #fabFriday

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  2. That’s so cool! I’ve always been afraid to do experiments for fear that we’ll invest time and then I can’t figure out how to complete them! This one may be doable for me…..I hope. 🙂 Certainly does look fun! #FabFridayPost

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  3. This is a lovely experiment – very visual! We’ve done quite a few things from Pinterest – I even started a new board to pin all the things we’ve tried (but didn’t say which turned out a disaster!!) #FabFridayPost

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  4. What a fabulous experiment! I really love this and need to try it out with the kiddies when we have a rainy day. thanks for sharing x #FabFridayPost

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