5 Wild Activities for the Summer

1. Shake a tree and see what comes out!!

We took part in this activity as part of the RSPB WILD CHALLENGE.

It’s quite simple and a lot of fun. Find a sheet, put it under a small tree, or a tree with low hanging branches and shake. Look on the sheet and see what comes out. Use this resource to identify what you have found!

2. Paint some stones

Find some lovely smooth stones out in the wild. Use acrylic paint or/posca paint pens to decorate your stones. Finish them off with an acrylic varnish, especially if they will be living in the garden.

3. Pond or River dipping

You need a net and a tray for this activity. First of all put some pond/river water in your tray then use your net and see what you can find. Tip any finds into your water and have a good look. Also check out this great resource for identifying what you have found.

4. Decorate a stick

There’s so many activities you can do with sticks. We got some wool, ribbon and beads to decorate ours. Later in the day it had turned into a bow, the arrows were imaginary!

5. Get out the play dough and make a herby garden

You can either make your own, check out the link, or use shop bought. Find a herb garden and do some chopping. We enjoyed rosemary, mint, sage, blackcurrant sage, oregano and chives. Use all those herbs to make a lovely smelling garden.

What are your favourite Wild Activities?



34 thoughts on “5 Wild Activities for the Summer

  1. I love the shake a tree idea! I’ve been wanting to take pond water and look at it under the microscope with my boys. I remember doing that in school and I was so surprised by all the little organisms moving around.

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  2. We love spending time outside. We can walk for hours with Gatsby on a trail nearby, or in the neighborhood with bikes and scooters. We also painted stones, but we need to place them outside for others to find. Bugs may creep out my girly girls, but outside time is fab! #FabFridayPost xoxo #300hoursoutside

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  3. These are fantastic ideas and fit perfectly with #30DasyWild which we are doing this month. Are you taking part? You’d be brilliant at it! #FabFridayPost


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