Making Dragon Eggs

Munashe recently celebrated his fifth birthday. Where did all that time go? He now is making lots of his own choices and when it came to decide what theme he would like for his birthday party he chose DRAGONS!!

Making these dragon eggs took me back to my primary school days. Not that I ever made dragon eggs but because of paper mâché and balloons!  Don’t you just love paper mâché?

First things first..ripping up the newspaper. Next, mixing up the wallpaper paste and start sticking.


Zori absolutely loves this glue…lots of fun, sensory play and gooey fingers.

We could have kept going and covered these balloons more times to make them extra strong but it was really tricky to know how many layers we had done. So lots of guess work involved. The more layers, the stronger the dragon egg.


We did a final layer in white printer paper, this was to make the painting stage more straight forward. I’m sure poster paints used to be more opaque than they are today. I remember the big boxes of coloured powder that we mixed ourselves. Now we just have semi opaque paint in bottles. Some things were just better back in the day!

The white layer worked really well and painting was a joy.


The dragon eggs made up part of our ‘Hunt the Dragon Eggs’ game. For extra excitement I’d made some Origami Dragons and put them inside the paper mâché eggs. Munashe was very pleased to find a dragon 🙂


For other dragon party ideas check out Feeding the Dragon andRoaring Dragon Activity

What theme did your child choose for their last birthday? Please comment below 🙂

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Homemade Wrapping Paper

We (or rather our little munchkins) seem to be invited to so many birthday parties and we love a good excuse to get creative and make some wrapping paper. So painting, printing, drawing, sticking, stomping, the possibilities are endless. We love rolls of lining paper from Wilko’s. It’s really hard-wearing and makes for a fantastic quality wrapping paper. I love the fact you can paint on it a lot and there’s no soggy holes or tears.

Here’s a few of our recent endeavors…

SIMPLE PAINTING with a couple of old toothbrushes thrown in


Using regular poster paints (including some rather special gold) Nash and Zori made different marks and patterns.

TOILET ROLL PRINTING and some shooting stars effects


We’ve done toilet roll printing many times before so this time we thought we’d go with a space theme… Munashe decided the triangles were asteroids and the circles were planets. The toilet roll star was a little tricky to create, but with the right number of folds it looked star like. Munashe added his own trails on some of the stars to create shooting stars.


With Munashe having some daddy time, me and Zori had some stomping fun. This certainly worked a lot easier with just the one child! When I say easier, I think I actually mean cleaner! I wrapped bubble wrap around Zori’s feet and stuck it together with sellotape. I put poster paint on paper plates, choosing colours that wouldn’t end up being a brown sludgey colour. I added a squirt of white to each plate to lift the colours.

Zori had a lot of fun, lots of giggles and smile and requests for more paint. It can get a bit slippy with bubble wrap shoes so if you do try this please bear it in mind. Here Zori had a spectacular slip! It didn’t seem to bother her as she just got up and carried on stomping.

imageHave you been up to any crafty fun with your little ones this week? I love to hear your comments 🙂  Sarah x

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Space Playdough

Munashe has had a fascination with space for nearly a year now. So playing with this fabulous Space Playdough was a real treat. Making black holes for the glitter to get sucked into was a favourite!


When we saw black glittery galaxy dough on Growing a Jeweled Rose he made it well known that was what he would like to do.

Cream of Tartar seems to be the secret ingredient for playdough… Not really sure it’s a secret and I’m not sure what it does . But it makes playdough good! It warranted a trip across town to Waitrose to buy copious amounts of the stuff. I’m not really sure why every other grocery store only sells measly 5g packets!

imageSo here’s all the items that you need to make some lovely super black glittery space playdough

* 2 Cups of Flour

*2 tbs cream of tartar

* Half a cup of Salt

* 1 and a half cups of boiling water

* A lot of Black Food Colouring

* 2tbs Baby Oil

* 1tsp Glycerin

* As much glitter as you like!


We put the flour, salt and cream of tartar into a bowl and had a good mix.

Here’s the bit I couldn’t let the little munchkins join in with. I mixed the boiling water with the food colouring. I went a bit crazy and added nearly the whole bottle! I really didn’t want to have a yukky grey colour. Then I added the baby oil (I’m sure other vegetable oil or olive oil would work) and mixed it all together. It’s was very hot to begin with so I waited a while before handing the warm dough over to some keen munchkins. image

Zori and Nash then kneeded in some blue and silver glitter. I’m sure any colours would look fantastic. It was great to involve the munchkins in the making process. Prolongs the fun!


We got out the planets and some pretty gems and had some more fun.

Do your kids have a favourite playdough recipe? I’d love to here your comments and thoughts on best playdough ideas 🙂

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Making a Rainbow Tree

image I love sticks and wool and crafty things. So, just for fun, we decided to make a rainbow tree. The little munchkins went off to collect the sticks. When they were happy with their selection we were ready to begin.


The little munchkins had a go at wrapping the wool around the sticks, with varying results and a few frustrations.

I found wrapping the sticks with wool very satisfying and even slightly therapeutic.

This really was ‘make it up as you go along’. I ended up wrapping all the sticks together with wool. When it still wouldn’t stand up I stuck some smaller branches into the base (which acted as a stand) and attached it all with wool.


I love the idea of decorating stick.  Painted sticks. Sticks wrapped with ribbon. sparkley sticks. Gem sticks. Making decorated sticks into a mobile or a stick man. Create a piece of wall art with a bunch of sticks. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a few other creations I’ve seen which mooching on the internet. I think they are really cool.

Painted Stick Instrument by TwoDaLoo. Rainbow Stick Mobile by Daily Heart

Stick Stars that I found on The Berry and Blue and Green Mobile by SoYou

Have you made any stick creations? I’d love to see them 🙂

30 Days Wild – Day 13 – An Elephant in the Garden

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_13I was expecting heavy rain all day, so we planned accordingly. After a Rumble in the Jungle at the local library we headed home for an afternoon of fun in the rain. It stopped. And seemingly never to return! All those lovely rain activities will have to wait for another day. Thanks to all the lovely people on the 30DaysWild Facebook Group for the great ideas. They will not be wasted!

Thanks to National Bookstart Week we were given some goodies at our local library.DSC01946

We spent the afternoon with a couple of elephants in the garden.
DSC01950 DSC01955After all that activity, we now have to come up with a supa doopa plan. We need to involve a couple of visiting aunties in some random acts of wildness. Come back tomorrow (or check out Day 14) to see if we succeeded!

Sarah x