Homemade Wrapping Paper

We (or rather our little munchkins) seem to be invited to so many birthday parties and we love a good excuse to get creative and make some wrapping paper. So painting, printing, drawing, sticking, stomping, the possibilities are endless. We love rolls of lining paper from Wilko’s. It’s really hard-wearing and makes for a fantastic quality wrapping paper. I love the fact you can paint on it a lot and there’s no soggy holes or tears.

Here’s a few of our recent endeavors…

SIMPLE PAINTING with a couple of old toothbrushes thrown in


Using regular poster paints (including some rather special gold) Nash and Zori made different marks and patterns.

TOILET ROLL PRINTING and some shooting stars effects


We’ve done toilet roll printing many times before so this time we thought we’d go with a space theme… Munashe decided the triangles were asteroids and the circles were planets. The toilet roll star was a little tricky to create, but with the right number of folds it looked star like. Munashe added his own trails on some of the stars to create shooting stars.


With Munashe having some daddy time, me and Zori had some stomping fun. This certainly worked a lot easier with just the one child! When I say easier, I think I actually mean cleaner! I wrapped bubble wrap around Zori’s feet and stuck it together with sellotape. I put poster paint on paper plates, choosing colours that wouldn’t end up being a brown sludgey colour. I added a squirt of white to each plate to lift the colours.

Zori had a lot of fun, lots of giggles and smile and requests for more paint. It can get a bit slippy with bubble wrap shoes so if you do try this please bear it in mind. Here Zori had a spectacular slip! It didn’t seem to bother her as she just got up and carried on stomping.

imageHave you been up to any crafty fun with your little ones this week? I love to hear your comments 🙂  Sarah x

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