30 Days Wild – Day 5 – Treehouse Adventure

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_05Day 5 of our wild adventure consisted of us leaving Munashe and Zori at Granny and Gramps’ house for not one night but for two whole nights so that me and Leo to celebrate our ten year anniversary.

The setting for our adventure was awesome. This tree house is attached to this one ash tree which has many branches.


This tree house actually moves in the wind. I didn’t think large tree branches moved that much, it was very disconcerting when we were first in the tree house, I had to take a look at the architecture and the large bolts into the tree trunk to give me peace of mind! I loved waking up in the mornings to the sound of the birds and  the wind. The treehouse had its own creaking sound as it swayed in the wind.

Thanks to Holycombe Camping for this great experience http://www.cotswoldcamping.com

I do love a good campfire. And a good challenge. Will it light?


Oh yes. Cheers



A true campfire has to include toasting marsh mellows!


Continuing on our wild adventure we found this place not far from the Rollright Stones.


There were so many of these strange dome things made of twigs. I thought to myself ‘what crazy animal has made all these dens?’ There were like 50 of them in the woods. On further inspection it was the species named human. Weird still, if anyone out there can shed any light to this please do comment.

On waking up on the 3rd day of our mini adventure, peering out of the treehouse window we spotted a deer…now that is WILD for sure! I did trapse through the woodland and through some very tall stinging nettles in the attempt to get a spectacular close up. Credit to Leo for the pic, before Mr Deer went scampering into the woods.image

I had enjoyed some great company in idyllic surroundings, time to return to see those amazing little munchkins

If you want to check out some video of the awesome treehouse http://www.leothexplorer.com/blog

sarah x

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