30 Days Wild – Day 6 – Ducks that race…by a 4 year old

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06While me and Leo were off enjoying our freedom in a tree house. Our little munchkins continued going wild, spending the weekend with their grandparents.

Munashe having a wild roll down a hill on Day 5



On Day 6 Granny and Gramps and our two little munchkins set of the local town event….a duck race…not real ducks but plastic ducks! All to raise money for a good cause (I think!) Here is Munashe’s account of the event.

All of the ducks went in a blue tub and they got poured out, all of them. IMG_6733

I don’t know what my number was. 72 I think. Zori’s is 72. Mine is 72.


Mine didn’t win, but the first one winned, but I was still happy. And then one went through the other side of the netting, but they weren’t allowed to go through.


They rushed down the river and they fell down the water and they got faster. I was a duck race. Only the first one winned because it was the right one. A little boy winned. It was a bit tricky to see the number.

Onto more real wild things, Munashe and Zori found the entrance to a badger set.


What do you know about badgers Munashe?

They make holes and climb through fences

Did you see a badger?

No, we just saw where they lived. They just come out at night. They hide in the holes at morning and come our at night to see what’s happened to their hole and their hills. If they see it all messed up they will make one somewhere else.



I’m not sure what Zori was looking for but I hope she found it.

A big thank you to Granny and Gramps for all their hard work


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