30 Days Wild – Day 17 – Live Webcams

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17What a fantastic way to learn about birds and other creatures. Through #30DaysWild I have found out about all these wonderful live webcams. You can get up close and personal with bats, owls, kestrels, peregrines, ospreys. So today our Random Act of Wildness was staying indoors and peering in at a whole bunch of live webcams.


A particular favorite of ours was watching the barn owls. Or rather the little owlets. No sign of mum yet. These are rather addictive…I could be up all night. I think the addictiveness (is that even a word?) has something to do with knowing what you are seeing is happening right NOW. And some even have sound!oooowl

Munashe became interested in the Kestrel cam. We saw her shifting about a lot and then she moved and we saw that she was sitting on a whole bunch of eggs. “I really want to see those little chicks”, exclaimed Munahse. I’m not sure baby kestrels are called chicks??? anyone out there can you help!


We decided it would be a fantastic idea to keep watching Mrs Kestrel every day and so we can see those little Kestrel Babies hatch. Not knowing anything about Kestrels it will be a learning experience for me as well as my little munchkins!

On doing a google search for Wildlife Webcams it looks like there’s a heap of them out there. It has opened up a whole new world…lions and tigers and bears.

Sarah x

6 thoughts on “30 Days Wild – Day 17 – Live Webcams

  1. Wonderful to see you watching the kestrels at Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve – I actually work there!
    The kestrel pair (the male will also incubate the eggs, but not for as much time as the female does), have 5 eggs. The fifth was laid in early June, and they take about a month to incubate, so we expect them to hatch in early July. And then it will be about another month until they fledge.

    Were you aware of the drama we had in May/June with another female?


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