Making Bird Feeders

It’s coming to the time of year when the birds in our gardens will be looking for extra food to munch on, these bird feeders will be a real treat and look cute too.


Zori used her fine motor skills threading blueberries and cheerios onto a pipe cleaner. You can really see her concentrating in this picture 🙂


We hung these up in the garden, Zori was really proud of her creation. It’s best to hang up any new bird feeder creation in the same area where your usual bird food is, this way you can ensure the birds will enjoy your tasty treat.

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22 thoughts on “Making Bird Feeders

  1. What a lovely idea to develop fine motor skills and encourage Zori to be aware of nature. Cute photos! 🙂 #LetKidsBeKids


  2. This is an adorable activity! I believe my toddler would enjoy making these and I know the birds would appreciate it. Visiting from #LetKidsBeKids


  3. A sweet activity, she looks very pleased with it too! Fantastic for toddlers developing their fine motor skills and that concentration is fantastic! I’m sure the birds will love their treat.
    Thanks slouch for linking up to #HowtoSunday. 🙂 x


  4. Lovely idea for little hands to get involved with, we always make bird feeders from melted lard and fruit but they’re not as instant as these!


  5. These are lovely Lara, we have made them in activity hour before too, threading them onto old baler twine from Farmer Nick’s shed, as you say they are great for concentration and fun to make, great for coordination and then enjoy some outdoor fun watchingout for the birds to arrive


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