Science Garden at the Thinktank

imageWe’ve only been to the Science Garden at the Think Tank A couple of times. We love it and are certainly planning on some return visits. The Thinktank is situated at Millennium Point in Birmingham. I love museums that are interactive and hands on. The science garden is certainly that and the children were totally engaged with it. It’s full of lots of learning activities (I’m guessing about 20). You could easily spend a couple of hours playing here. I especially loved this one where you pull, push, twist and move the balls around this crazy contraption. Part of it reminds me of a giant version of the game downfall.


Munashe absolutely loved the duck race, the super helpful staff had many races with him! Thank you!


We found balancing the balls on the water jets heaps of fun and a good challenge. You’ve got to love a bit of water play. On another thought, a change of clothes for your little ones may come in handy! Especially if they can’t resist a good splash!


What’s would you prefer on your car square wheels or round wheels?


There is even a giant hamster wheel which takes a good bit of energy to get moving. It’s tough being a hamster!!

We made a bridge from a load of blocks that weren’t stuck together, it held all of our weight. Good spot of engineering! Although I was kind of thankful it didn’t go over the real water.


So so on more practical matters, you can enter the science garden after paying to enter the Thinktank museum or wait till 3pm (weekdays) and go for absolutely free 🙂 Well worth a visit to engage those youngens in some fun scientific play!

Which are your favorite hands on museums that you would recommend?

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26 thoughts on “Science Garden at the Thinktank

  1. It looks like a very engaging day out. We are not too far from Birmingham and I’ve always wanted to take the kids to the museums. The think Tank looks amazing and being interactive adds to the fun


  2. This is really fascinating for the kids and for me too! I love this kind of stuffs. Looks like you had a great day out. I had to pinned this. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂 I think both E&E would love to go to places like this too. Thank you for linking up with me again. #FabFridaypost p.s. please don’t forget your badge. Thank you. xx


  3. This looks like a really great place. I keep meaning to take N to Think Tank. Looks like you don’t have to fight other children to have a go at trying everything unlike at the Science Museum in London


  4. This is fantastic! I love interactive museums, although the garden doesn’t look much like a museum! The car with square or round wheels looks cool and I can imagine my joys having so much fun with the water. Well done making a succesful bridge too!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  5. This place looks fantastic! I love places, especially educational ones that are hands on. Looks like you had great fun together ^_^


  6. Oh I am with you all the way, hands on is the best way to learn which is why we did our little crafts and experiments this week with the youngsters staying. How wonderful to have a museum with this attitude too. the Education centre in the Eden project here is similar, full of things to push and pull, it really makes a difference to children, and me if I’m honest! Thank you so much for sharing a great place on Country Kids.


  7. This looks so amazing. I wish we had something like this near us. I love interactive places like this, it’s always so much fun and you learn so much. I love the sound of building a bridge together and balancing the balls. It’s fun to do altogether as well. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather. x


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