Ice Mobiles


We picked up another fantastic book from the library. Nature’s Playground by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield has loads of wonderful games and activities that can be done outside. The book works though the different seasons, inspiring us to get outdoors throughout the year.


When I saw the idea for ice mobiles I was desperate for the temperature outside to get super cold. Well its been that this week, so here goes…

We had bought some tin can lid covers which are made out of a soft plastic. I thought we would be able to get the ice out of these easily withoutΒ the ice breaking. If you are using lids, you need to make sure there are no ridges in them which will be hard to pop the ice out of. We laid out some string over our lids and poured in water.

Back in June we had popped some flowers in the flower press and they have been sitting there ever since. Click this link to see our flower pressing in June. It would be great to make our ice mobiles super pretty, so we added these buttercups and daisies, and enjoyed two seasons at once!


Well we cheated a bit, rather than putting the water outside to freeze naturally, we used the controlled environment of our freezer.


I did want to wait for a day when the temperatures weren’t too far off freezing, today looked like that day.

I took our mobiles out of the freezer, left them for a few minutes and carefully extracted them from the plastic lids.

I was really pleased with the results and loved watching them glisten in the sun. The little munchkins liked them too. Then they melted!!

Have you made any art out of ice? What outdoor activities do you love when its freezing cold?

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51 thoughts on “Ice Mobiles

  1. What a lovely idea, I’ve often thought of doing this but never with the string to make a mobile. A lovely idea. It might be fun to add some food colour drops too and see the colour effect as it freezes and melts. A lovely winter craft for #CountryKids and a #Trash2Treasure too if you want to linkup there aswell.


  2. They look fantastic! I love that you saved pressed flowers for summer to use for these, the flowers make them so pretty. We made some today too, it was on our calendar bucket list this month. I’ve put them in cake cases and used foliage and shells as we have no flowers arm. I hope they look as nice as yours! Thanks so much for linking up to #howtoSunday. πŸ™‚ x


  3. What a fun idea! We press leaves in the fall. It’s fun to open a book and have a leaf fall out. We usually write the date on the leaf with a sharpie so we know when we collected it. We get plenty of ice here in Canada!


  4. These look great. Whilst our boys have never made these, they like freezing things in their cups and then turning them out to look at how they look. It’s been mostly trashies, moshie monsters or lego men, but we did once experiment with marbles and they looked quite nice.

    Thanks for hosting #FabFridayPost

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