Science School – Magic Ice


We picked up a new book from the library entitled Science School by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom. The book is full of science experiments that can be done at home. So here’s our first one…Magic Ice.

Could we get an ice cube out of a glass of water without getting wet?

We were allowed some string and some salt!!


Here’s how we got on. With our ice in the glass, Penguin lay the string on the ice and sprinkled some salt over. We waited for about a minute.

The salt caused the ice to melt a little, the water seeped into the string and the ice caused it to re-freeze and then we could pick up the string and the ice was attached. No wet hands!

Penguin then went in to pick up much more ice with his string. I could tell he was having fun!


Have you done any science experiments at home that worked really well?

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