Junk Modelling

I can be such a horder and it can get a little ridiculous!! I mean everything can be useful, right? And we don’t want to just chuck everything on to landfill…surely we are running out of space!

One of the things I horde is JUNK. For precisely this reason. About 4 times a year we get the JUNK out and make stuff! My junk box is a great place to stash those great bits of packaging, smallish boxes, random bits of wood, crazy bits of plastic and old pen lids.

This is Little Missys creation. She has told me it is a princess, an owl and something that catches monsters!

Whatever it is, it was her design. I think it’s fantastic to let little people create for creating sake.

Usually I let Penguin and Little Missy use sellotape to make their junk creations. They absolutely love sellotape. Today we went for a different and more controlled approach. The Glue Gun. I let the little munchkins decide what they wanted where and I did the gluing. The ease and speed of using the glue gun meant their designs were more elaborate than usual. They seemed happy with the results.

Penguin was very pleased with the Super Crasher Trap he designed!

Do your little ones create stuff out of junk? I’d love to hear about their crazy inventions 😀

21 thoughts on “Junk Modelling

  1. Sarah this wonderful, such creative pieces with lovely stories to tell. Junk modelling is a wonderful way to inspire imagination as well as the fun and enjoyment of designing and building. Thank you so much for sharing with me over on #Trash2Treasure

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  2. We call ours stuff, beautiful junk. We make things at home and bring extra hunks of beauty to the school. Share the love. Great creativity and lesson in taking care of our earth too. The dilemma I find in our very small space, What to do with all these works of art? help! #Fabfridaypost xoox

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