30 Days Wild – Day 2 “Ours is going to be the best den ever”

The little munchkins are finally sleeping (it’s now 9.30pm!!) So time to start blogging….

A couple of weeksTWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_02 ago Leo and I put up some shelves (when i say some, i actually mean 2!). We went to Homebase, bought the screws, the brackets and the shelves. It took us nearly three days to put those shelves up. You really can’t get anything done with two little munchkins wanting to get involved in everything. I’m sure many of you out there totally understand?

So what would happen if we were all involved in the same thing? All working together as a family? All playing a part?

So DAY 2 of 30 DAYS WILD, lets try DEN BUILDING…

Off into the woods
Off into the woods

We headed to the Lickey Hills Country Park, they have a fantastic spot in the woods with branches and sticks just perfect for den building. Plus a selection of dens to pop in and out of. A highly recommended spot from the Pswarayi Family.

Lets get building…DSC01164

Looks like we were out in the woods in the middle of the night...that was just the flash - weird!
Looks like we were out in the woods in the middle of the night…that was just the flash – weird!

It was great to be working something all together as a family, the children’s enthusiasm and excitement was contagious. I love the sincere joy and honesty that young children show “Ours is going to be the best den EVER” said Munashe while jumping up and down with joy. So, ours may not have been the best engineered den but it was fantastic to be spending time building and playing all together.

Thank you Wildlife Trust. http://www.bbcwildlife.org.uk


One of Zori’s favorite stories at the moment is THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. There were many squeals of delight as we took it in turns being the BIG BAD WOLF. Thankfully no one huffed and puffed our den down and we got to enjoy eating our bananas in peace all squished in our newly built den!

If you’d like to watch our den making adventure sped up check out Leo’s Blog http://leothexplorer.com/blog/

Family selfy!
Family selfy!


Off home after den building… Munashe decided bringing half a tree home was a good idea!

Looking forward to the adventures that will be Day Three….Over and Out

Sarah 🙂




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