30 Days Wild – Day 9 – Who’s the King of the Bog?

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09

I love the summer. The long evenings that we are getting almost seem to be giving us more time. We have been off exploring quite a few different spots this month with #30DaysWild. It seems to take about three hours per explore. Ok, so there are other things that aren’t getting done, mainly housework and spending hours in the kitchen! But being outdoors as a family is certainly enriching our lives in some very important ways.

So today we explored MOSELEY BOG


We arrived just as a bunch of Wildlife Trust volunteers were leaving. Those amazing guys who upkeep Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood are doing some valuable work. Here’s the link if there’s any of you out there interested in volunteering with The Wildlife Trust.

One of the first comments from Munashe on arrival was “Look at that stick!” Check this picture out and see what you make to that stick…


The little Munchkins enjoyed the boggy waters. Zori walked around saying “Bog, Bog, Bog, Bog” which I found rather amusing. I love watching them experience things for the first time. It gives me a new appreciation for being outdoors.


This is the place JRR Tolkien and his brother played as children. Moseley Bog is said to have been some of the inspiration for where the hobbits lived. Watching my little munchkins explore I could see why.

After a whole load of exploring we set out collecting leaves to make some awesome LEAF CROWNS. These are really simple to make and bring a lot of joy.

– Get a strip of card, long enough to go around child’s head

– Collect a bunch of leaves

– Staple leaves onto card

– Put around child’s head and staple card together. Simple!



Munashe and Zori really enjoyed wearing their crowns, singing ‘I am a Prince, I am a Princess’


So back to the original question…Who’s King of the Bog? If Munashe and Zori are Prince and Princess. Logically that would make Leo King of the Bog! Ha Ha! To get a better view of Moseley Bog have a look at leothexplorer‘s vlog.


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