30 Days Wild – Day 12 – A two year old up a tree

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12Today we spent sometime with some friends paddling in the River Rea.


DSC01899It was really encouraging to see Munashe’s confidence grow as he paddled in the river. He was working out how deep the water was and if the water wouldn’t go over his wellies.

DSC01909“I washed my hands in the river and I nearly fell in. I just pushed myself back and I didn’t fall”

I love spending time with friends and their children. It really encourages mine to do things they would never usually do. Just yesterday we were at the swimming pool. Usually Munashe refuses to go under the shower afterwards, but he quickly joined his best friend. There are certain foods they will never eat when prepared by me. These will be gladly munched down in another home!!

We found a fantastic tree. It branched out so close to the ground that it made for a super doopa first tree climbing experience for Zori, my two year old.


Munashe is enjoying drawing while out in the wild. He is documenting his experiences through pictures. His friend was enjoying to throw pebbles (or rocks) into the river. So here we have a picture of lots of pebbles, the river and Munashe’s friend.

DSC01911We had a bit more time for Wild Fun when Daddy returned home. The rain had arrived so we popped into the garden to see what Wildlife we could find. When we were about to return indoors Munashe shouted ‘look, its a frog’. He was extremely excited as he can now tick of FROG on his Mini-beast list. He was very brave and touched a frog for the first time “It was a bit slimy and wet and slippy”


30 Days Wild – Day 11 – Squash those flowers

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_11A few weeks ago we had a tonne of bluebells in our garden. The little munchkins decided to pick a few. I haven’t yet worked out how to explain to a two year old which flowers are okay to pick and which are not.

When a child comes to you and says “Mummy, I’ve picked some flowers for you” and hands you a bunch of Bluebells, it’s hard to be mad.

So we decided to get the flower press out and see what happened. I haven’t pressed flowers since being little. A few hours after putting the bluebells I’m the flower press I had to open it. “Are they ready yet?” It was a lot easier to show them than keep saying “No”


Today we opened it for the second time. We found some lovely flat bluebells. “It’s like paper”, exclaimed Munashe.


The sun was so gorgeous today. For me, the perfect temperature is somewhere between 20 and 25 c. So I was loving it! While enjoying the last of the sun, we stuck the petals onto some paper plates.


A few little smiles from Zori as she had finished her masterpiece!


Munashe continued being creative and was very proud of his earth picture. Can you spot the Tee-pee and the ‘X marks the spot!’ and the sun?


We spent some time collecting some daisies and buttercups (acceptable picking flowers!) and replenished our flower press. We may create something else in a couple of weeks….any ideas?


Sarah x

30 Days Wild – Day 9 – Who’s the King of the Bog?

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09

I love the summer. The long evenings that we are getting almost seem to be giving us more time. We have been off exploring quite a few different spots this month with #30DaysWild. It seems to take about three hours per explore. Ok, so there are other things that aren’t getting done, mainly housework and spending hours in the kitchen! But being outdoors as a family is certainly enriching our lives in some very important ways.

So today we explored MOSELEY BOG


We arrived just as a bunch of Wildlife Trust volunteers were leaving. Those amazing guys who upkeep Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood are doing some valuable work. Here’s the link if there’s any of you out there interested in volunteering with The Wildlife Trust.

One of the first comments from Munashe on arrival was “Look at that stick!” Check this picture out and see what you make to that stick…


The little Munchkins enjoyed the boggy waters. Zori walked around saying “Bog, Bog, Bog, Bog” which I found rather amusing. I love watching them experience things for the first time. It gives me a new appreciation for being outdoors.


This is the place JRR Tolkien and his brother played as children. Moseley Bog is said to have been some of the inspiration for where the hobbits lived. Watching my little munchkins explore I could see why.

After a whole load of exploring we set out collecting leaves to make some awesome LEAF CROWNS. These are really simple to make and bring a lot of joy.

– Get a strip of card, long enough to go around child’s head

– Collect a bunch of leaves

– Staple leaves onto card

– Put around child’s head and staple card together. Simple!



Munashe and Zori really enjoyed wearing their crowns, singing ‘I am a Prince, I am a Princess’


So back to the original question…Who’s King of the Bog? If Munashe and Zori are Prince and Princess. Logically that would make Leo King of the Bog! Ha Ha! To get a better view of Moseley Bog have a look at leothexplorer‘s vlog.


30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Making Butter

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08Munashe is at the stage where he is just lapping up knowledge and can get excited about absolutely anything. He has a real love of life and a desire to get involved. Put any book in front of him and he will ask a hundred questions, see an activity of something to do in that book and he will definitely want to give it a go.

We have been looking at where our food comes from. From the WILD. We have this amazing book called My Big World by OKIDO (www.okido.co.uk) which has some beautiful illustrations and puts facts across in a really accessible way for little minds.


So ‘Where does Butter come from???’ So we decided to find out. We have another beautiful book (with gorgeous pictures) The Ella’s Kitchen Baking Book (www.ellaskitchen.com), which has an an activity in it. And Munashe being Munashe is always up for activities. And this was a butter making activity. Woo Hoo!


Basically we did some shaking of some double cream and we got butter. Ok, so it was a lot of shaking but also a lot of fun.


And here’s the butter…



Munashe and Zori enjoyed the eating part…

DSC01646 DSC01648

And the answer to the previous question…it’s from the COW.

Sarah x

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30 Days Wild – Day 6 – Ducks that race…by a 4 year old

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06While me and Leo were off enjoying our freedom in a tree house. Our little munchkins continued going wild, spending the weekend with their grandparents.

Munashe having a wild roll down a hill on Day 5



On Day 6 Granny and Gramps and our two little munchkins set of the local town event….a duck race…not real ducks but plastic ducks! All to raise money for a good cause (I think!) Here is Munashe’s account of the event.

All of the ducks went in a blue tub and they got poured out, all of them. IMG_6733

I don’t know what my number was. 72 I think. Zori’s is 72. Mine is 72.


Mine didn’t win, but the first one winned, but I was still happy. And then one went through the other side of the netting, but they weren’t allowed to go through.


They rushed down the river and they fell down the water and they got faster. I was a duck race. Only the first one winned because it was the right one. A little boy winned. It was a bit tricky to see the number.

Onto more real wild things, Munashe and Zori found the entrance to a badger set.


What do you know about badgers Munashe?

They make holes and climb through fences

Did you see a badger?

No, we just saw where they lived. They just come out at night. They hide in the holes at morning and come our at night to see what’s happened to their hole and their hills. If they see it all messed up they will make one somewhere else.



I’m not sure what Zori was looking for but I hope she found it.

A big thank you to Granny and Gramps for all their hard work


30 Days Wild – Day 5 – Treehouse Adventure

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_05Day 5 of our wild adventure consisted of us leaving Munashe and Zori at Granny and Gramps’ house for not one night but for two whole nights so that me and Leo to celebrate our ten year anniversary.

The setting for our adventure was awesome. This tree house is attached to this one ash tree which has many branches.


This tree house actually moves in the wind. I didn’t think large tree branches moved that much, it was very disconcerting when we were first in the tree house, I had to take a look at the architecture and the large bolts into the tree trunk to give me peace of mind! I loved waking up in the mornings to the sound of the birds and  the wind. The treehouse had its own creaking sound as it swayed in the wind.

Thanks to Holycombe Camping for this great experience http://www.cotswoldcamping.com

I do love a good campfire. And a good challenge. Will it light?


Oh yes. Cheers



A true campfire has to include toasting marsh mellows!


Continuing on our wild adventure we found this place not far from the Rollright Stones.


There were so many of these strange dome things made of twigs. I thought to myself ‘what crazy animal has made all these dens?’ There were like 50 of them in the woods. On further inspection it was the species named human. Weird still, if anyone out there can shed any light to this please do comment.

On waking up on the 3rd day of our mini adventure, peering out of the treehouse window we spotted a deer…now that is WILD for sure! I did trapse through the woodland and through some very tall stinging nettles in the attempt to get a spectacular close up. Credit to Leo for the pic, before Mr Deer went scampering into the woods.image

I had enjoyed some great company in idyllic surroundings, time to return to see those amazing little munchkins

If you want to check out some video of the awesome treehouse http://www.leothexplorer.com/blog

sarah x

Day 4 – 30 Days Wild – Why it took over 2 hours to walk home from Nursery

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04I was very pleased with myself, this morning as I made these…

Homemade firelighters

They are firelighters for this weekends trip to a tree house. They are made from corrugated card rolled up, stuffed in a toilet roll and a bit of cotton wool stuffed in the middle. I’ve heard lint from the tumble dryer is very effective but not having a tumble dryer, hopefully the cotton wool will work just as well.

I’m hoping Munashe doesn’t see that I’ve finished the supply of toilet rolls. This morning he was telling me he wanted to make them into houses! Maybe when the supply has increased we will make them into something WILD. Any ideas?

Our trek back from nursery (which takes 40 minutes on a good day) took us two and a half hours!!


The detour wasn’t to go through unexplored wild terrain but to the local Coop for some chocolate. I’d been having craving all day and since going WILD all this week we just haven’t done grocery shopping!

After the chocolate stop it was back into the woods on our usual route home, but instead of me focused on getting home we stopped off for a spot of bark rubbing.


And then found a long stick.


There’s a great book called ‘The Stick Book’ (fiona danks and jo schofield) which has lots of different ideas of what you can do with a stick. The photos are great too. Great for kids.

Zori examining a tree trunk!

My young sprogs do get distracted easily on the walk home, so when I am encouraging them in their distractions time certainly does fly away. Zori then found some bars and did a spot of exercising.


Then I can see our house and I’m desperate to get inside for a cup of tea. Zori turns round, points and shouts ‘Cat’ and runs in the opposite direction. ‘Your going the wrong way’ I shout as I chase after her. To her she’s not running the wrong way, she’s running the right way towards the cat. Agghhh!

Finally we get home, Munashe goes to find his Minibeast spotting chart (unprompted) and crosses off the three finds of the day. A spider, an ant and a ladybird. Now where to find that snake???


Munashe said today “Zori really likes being outside”. I think they are really enjoying all this WILDNESS and long may they have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.